Saturday, January 14, 2012

REVIEW!! (not of a store bought product)


Okay! so this is a review of a homemade hair...err...product (? should I use that word?). Anyways, it's the avocado hair mask. I don't know if you've heard about it. You might have once or twice or well, however times.

Okay! So, the avocado thingy is meant to be like a deep treatment for really dry hair. I have like dry, dry hair naturally. I had my hair feeling soft and moisturised using a conditioner mix thingy (that I didn't need to wash off), but it wore off after bout a day (could've lasted longer, who know? would've if I could've kept my hands out of my hair!). Also, for like a quickie moisturiser, I used to work some shea butter into my hair and put on a plastic cap. If I'm in a hurry, I tie a towel over it for extra...err...heat. By the time I take it off, my curls are feeling well moisturised, but my family hates the smell of shea butter (including me, but if my hair loves it, then I've gotta use it, if you know what I mean).

Anyways, I heard about the avocado DC and I was like, 'oooookeeey.' Wasn't sure about it, but like my hair felt like straw and was so dry. So, I bought two avocados (one was really ripe and the other...not quite) and with a knife, got out all the.... whatever you call what's on the inside. I tried blending the avocados, but that was a total waste of time because it didn't do much (or should I just say it plainly, it didn't work). So, I got the avocado into a bowl and mashed it up with the back of a spoon.( I used two avocados not because of my hair length, but because of how full/thick/voluminous my hair is.) Next, I got about 2 tablespoons of pure, natural (unrefined), honey (to be honest, I "eyeballed" it), mixed it up with the avocado and mashed it up some more (still had some lumps). Afterwards, I got some homemade rosemary (essential) oil (my hair loves that) and some canola oil and poured approximately a table spoon (or maybe a little less...I "eyeballed" this too) into the mixture, mixed it up some more then I got some unsweetened powdered coconut cream and poured in about a tablespoon too (I'm such a good "eyeball-er!" :) ) and a tad bit of my conditioner mix thingy I mentioned in my hair "regimen" post. Okay! so I mixed everything up aaaaaand....

....I went to the bathroom with a towel round my neck and I was wearing a shirt that was about to go in the wash. So, I started off by sectioning my hair, but we both know that'll take FOREVER and I just didn't have that kind of time. It takes me about 2-3 hours to work on my hair especially deep conditioning if I work on sectioning everything (plus, my hair just doesn't section in fours. Has to be bout, 8 or more...more). So, I stopped sectioning and just picked up random bits of my hair and got some green gunk (what I kept calling the avocado mix) into it. I twisted each random bit I picked lookely after getting the green gunk in it (oh! and I must say, MY HAIR WAS DETANGLED (kinda wet) before this). I loosely  twisted every two twists together just so I could keep them out of the way. When I was done, FINALLY! I took out all the twists and finger combed a little. I then made sure I had the the mix on my edges, under, over my hair and on my scalp. I made sure not to tangle up my hair and I did finger comb a little to make sure I didn't have any knots or tangles. Okay! So I got a plastic cap on, then because the plastic cap was too small to hold all my hair, I used two, one from the back towards the middle and the other from the front towards the middle too then I looked for a bigger plastic cap, but the only other one was my mum's (and she's like, "don't go getting all your hair stuff on my plastic cap!" So, you should understand the situation). I then cut a plastic bag, like the ASDA, Tesco, Sainsburys, Boots... type, put it over my hair and tied the ends behind my head. I then tied a scarf over that to make sure it's held in place and to prevent that annoying sound it makes when it moves, I also pushed some cotton pads/sheet/whatever you call 'em up the sides around the edges to prevent a...err...leakage. Then I slept with it in (for about 8 hours).

So, by the next morning, I got some warm-ish water and tried rinsing out all of the green gunk then I got some conditioner and worked it into my scalp letting a bit touch my hair and co-washed it all out then used an old shirt to try and scrunch out some excess or drippy water. I was going to air dry, but that just pissed my dad off (sorry, if that word offends you). So, I got a towel a towel (not microfibre, I might add :( ) and just threw it over my hair (didn't rub, scrunch or try towel drying thingies with it). I held the edges of the towel that were down my face and moved them to the back. That was the only towel manipulation because I didn't want any frizz.

A few minutes later, I'll say my hair absorbed the water (which it does easily) instead of saying the towel absorbed the water (since it wasn't really wet..the towel, I mean). I then finger combed and used the end of a err...what do they call it, you know, the comb that has like 3 of the the ends of a rat tail comb then it has like two combs on it, one wide toothed and the other not so wide. Anyways, I used the end/tail of the comb thingy and went through my hair to make sure there were not unseen tangles or knots (my hair was a tad bit damp!) then I put a headband on to hold down my edges only then I held all my hair behind my head and held it folded (with the ends of my hair under) with a ponytail holder/hair cloth elastic thingy.

I keep touching my hair from time to time because it feels so good! It's not dry anymore, it's soft, my curls look really good, BUT! HERE'S A CON TO THIS! : I have bits in my hair. Like bit of avocado in it that apparently didn't fully wash out. You know, it's like when you deep condition with bananas and try to wash it out then you have those annoying bits in your hair though this was less. I had 30 minutes to brush my teeth, wash out my hair and shower this morning and like, it takes me about almost 30 minutes to just brush my teeth, so you understand my dilemma, but I tried to co-wash my hair out thoroughly. Anyways, don't be afraid, cause Sam has something to say: if you can get the bits out of say, the are of your hair that shows when it's held back, do that and hold your hair back. Once your hair is fully dry, the bits'll fall out by themselves, once you run your hands through your hair or run a comb through your hair.

Okay! so, that's all! (*touches hair*) Gosh! my hair feels amazing! :)
I hope this helps somebody :)


p.s *not all things that work for one person (or some people) may work for everybody so please, be warned. That's one reason why it took me so long before I tried it out and also, I had to do a bit of research on avocados and hair first (I've used all those other things on my hair before).

p.p.s *the avocados are the real deal in this. If you use a mixture of the other things without the avocado, they won't do much for you or give you quick lasting results. Also, your hair would most likely remain dry (maybe not as dry as before). So, if you want to try this, there has to be avocados. Use as many avocados as needed. The number of avocados you use depends on how thick/big your hair is and maybe also, how long your hair is, it all depends on you (and your hair). So...bye for now! :)

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