Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pet Peeves! x_X

  1. When people tell me to go get my hair relaxed
  2. Curly haters
  3. Looking at relaxed hair (when the person's had a bad relaxers and believes their hair's still perfectly fine even when it starts thinning out)
  4. People pulling at my hair
  5. People trying to touch my hair with filthy hands
  6. People telling me, "nothing's going to happen to your hair,"
  7. People wanting to have their way with my hair (like want to comb it in their own way - from roots to ends, use crazy products, comb it with a rat tail comb, tear apart knots on it etc)
  8. People not washing their hands before touching my hair
  9. Looking at straighteners/flat irons
  10. Looking at blow driers esp. without a diffuser on them (I don't even use blow driers with or without a diffuser)
  11. Seeing adverts for relaxers
  12. Smelling burnt hair (watching people getting their hair straightened)
  13. Okay! now! THE SCHOOL THING! The Asst. Principal wants all girls to braid their hair in cornrows, straight, all the way back and they must braid the tiniest bit of the hair on their edges. I mean, that's just crazy! I'm not doing that! Also, we must have 13 braids in our hair (I don't mind the 13 braids in my hair sometimes, but the edges and the same hairstyle every time with no slants, no partings, no style, no this, no that, I mean, is this military school?!?!?!?)
I'll stop now.

I'm Back (UpDaTe)


So, I've been away for some time. I actually just got back on Saturday (but I was just away from the 18th till then to be honest. Before then, I just kept forgetting to put on here what I wanted to).
Okay! So, right now, I'm in school and well, okay! so I don't care what some of the people on here think about me having a natural hair blog so I'll just continue typing right now.
First, please, please pray for one of my natural hair role models. She's WAY younger than me, but still one of my hair role models and she needs all your prayers. Here's an article to let you know what I want you to pray about: http://beadsbraidsbeyond.blogspot.com/2012/03/half-up-half-down-banded-natural-hair.html

Now....what have I done with my hair so far...
I couldn't redo my minitwists and because my mum put off going to the salon for a while, she got my hair done for me (she did it). There's something about a certain hairstyle or braiding style that my hair and scalp doesn't like. Whenever I have it in for 2 weeks or a week, then redo it during the second week, I get some crazy sharp pain on my scalp. I mean, I've never felt pain like that before. It's terrible. So, on he 18th, I finally went to a hair salon again just to find out that the one person who was good with my hair there left and I hadn't gotten her number yet so I can't even call her to find out where she works now or whatever.Okay! So, I got my hair braided to a certain extent then twisted and I had two-strand twists everywhere else at the back. I held it up to protect the ends (as usual :)). I had that in all through bootcamp (yup! that's the reason I was away for a while :) ).
Bootcamp was stressful, I got sand in my hair during the activities and drills, I was sweating like crazy, it was SO SO humid and hot. Gaaah! Okay, so the day I was packing, I slipped my jar of shea butter into my bag (hehe :) ) On the first day whene I got my hair sanded-out, I rinsed it out thoroughly in the shower then rubbed some shea butter between my palms then applied it to my hair. Also, I took my satin hair wrap stuff with me (I am so into this!). People wear like, "what is that?" "you sleep with that on every night?" and I didn't care. Luckily, my roommates got used to seeing it quickly. So, I had the shea butter on my hair that day and till my Friday, I never really had the time to get shea butter on my hair again (even after showering).  However, my hair did get sanded-out everyday and I was always sweating so much from all the work so I always rinsed my hair thoroughly when I showered and I always let it air dry (in my room! Outside was WAY too dusty and I didn't want dust clinging to my hair). Okay! SOoooo, on Friday, I took my hair down and finger detangled it out then I got wet hands into my hair, got some shea butter with a lil water and rubbed it in between my palms then got them into my hair and thoroughly detangled (fingers only! :)). I had my hair all out and big and I left it like that till I had to get some sleep. The thing is, some girls had an issue with their room door and I didn't feel comfortable going to bed knowing that they were locked out of their room. I walked down the hallway and all with BIG hair and people were just staring at it, it shrunk, not so much, but it was obvious and when I held my hair a bit and pulled it down at some point, my roommate was like, "yeah, your hair shrunk." Okay! So, one of the girls (room, locked out) looked at my hair and was like, "you're so crazy," I was like, "what do you mean?" and she was like, "have you seen your hair?" I wasn't sure how exactly my hair looked then, but I didn't really care. Later on, I went to my room (when their door had been broken down and they could get their stuff and get some sleep) and yeah, I looked in the mirror and my  hair was perfectly fine. Well, I guess it was just that "image of beauty" that was going through her mind when she thought I was crazy because of my hair (she's got a relaxer).
Okay! so, this girl couldn't sleep with her hair out like that. I started puffy twisting (big twists) my hair, but I had a bit of a problem at the back of my hair (couldn't do it). Luckily, my last roommate walked into the room just then and she helped me twist up the untwisted bits at the back. I then got a bit more shea butter on my hair (with a bit of water in the sheaB) and then put a shower cap on and tied a scarf over my hair. By the next morning, wait! rewind! Okay! so when I took my hair down and detangled it did I tell you that it felt SO gorgeous!! Gaaah! okay! fastforward! When I took of the shower cap and did whatever I needed to do, my hair felt GOR-GE-OUS! It also had a soft wave to it that didn't go even after my hair got wet. I loved it. Someone touched part of my hair, I'm guessing because he asked, "why do you have such cotton-y extensions in your hair," while we were on the bus ride back to civilisation.
One more thing! I drank more water, craved more water than I ever have/had at the bootcamp. AND the only thing I used on my hair while I was there was water and shea butter. Worked wonders for me, I guess.

Okay! So, now, yeah, I didn't have the time to make a quickie conditioner and quickly condition my hair when I got home so I just tried rinsing it out thoroughly before my mum braided my hair in 10 cornrows (which I'm rocking right now :) )

I'm going to make a pet peeve post after this (I need to mention something having to do with cornrows and school)

I think I might try mini braiding my hair some time soon. I know I have been against braids for some time now, but well, I'll go get this done at a salon (even though I don't like the only lady that would agree to touch my hair there. She always brings out her rat tail combs to comb my hair with and she always argues with my when I say my hair's fully detangled and slide my finger through it and they come out easily and well, she's like, "nothing would happen to your hair!" and tries combing it from the roots TO THE ENDS!!!! GAAH! Next time she argues with me, I'll go find someone else to get my hair done. I know I'm just a teen, but my hair means so much to me and I don't joke around with how my hair's managed and taken care of).

Okay! So here's what I'm going to do with my hair when I get my mini/box braids done:
Gotten from BeadsBraidsandBeyond (pic from someone named Aisha). I do not in any way own this picture.

So, what do you think?

Sorry, for the really long post, it's just been too too long and well, I'm in school, FUN, right?
Talk to you guys later.
~Sam :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012



So, I've decided to challenge myself. And you can do it to! :)
Till the end of this month, hopefully, I am going to try not using any detangling tools. No wide toothed combs. No Denman Brushes. Just Fingers! :)
FiNgErS!! :)

Some time ago, months ago, I decided to use only natural products (no commercial products) on my hair. I didn't really succeed with that at first because I was using the John Frieda Conditioner, Shampoo (only once a month) and Heat Protectant, Vitals Leave-in Conditioner, Organics Tea Tree Gro Conditioner (and I believe those were all the products I used). I also used things like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, homemade rosemary oil, shea butter , avocados etc on my hair. As a matter of fact, I only DCed with natural things then (and I still do). Okay! so, I stopped using the Vitals Leave-In Conditioner shortly after I started using it because it made my hair feel bad, like BAD. Totally didn't work for me. I added things to it, but still couldn't get it to do something good for my hair. Also, I noticed it had ingredients I didn't like getting on my hair in it (didn't notice that the first time I checked). So I was like, "mum, if you want a leave-in, I have one I can give you," and stopped using it. The Organics Tea Tree Gro, I added shea butter to it, canola oil, rosemary oil, but it just wasn't doing anything for me. It just sat on my hair and made it feel hard, and really dry, so, I stopped using it too. Shampoo, I quit using that...wait!...how many months ago? I'm totally CG right now. I used to use shampoo once a month, but now, not anymore. It always left my hair dry and stripped. Heat Protectant, just once in a long while because some natural things natural have heat protection in them. So, I was using only the John Frieda conditioner (and homemade things), but my bottle was like __ this close to finishing. I like the John Frieda conditioner I have, but I can't find it anywhere now. So, I kept it for an emergency and I started making all my hair products. Right now, the only hair product I use is my Organics Lock&Twist Gel and that's because I'm letting my aloe vera plant be for a while so it grows some more. I haven't used my OLTG in a while now (ever since I took down my twists (or shortly after that)).
My hair does feel and look a whole lot better since I cut down on all those products. So, try it sometime! NO COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS! Homemade is the way to go for me now (or well, after graduation and I'm away at an IB College, I'll order the Bee Mine Botanical line and keep it just incase I can't get something done).

Why do I make such long posts?
Anyways, CHALLENGE: No combs! Fingers only! :)
See you later, okay?

Petition Signing: A "cure" to curly hair?

Check it out! People are signing a petition to L'Oreal Paris. The makers of the "pill" to "cure" curly hair. They say it like curly hair is a disease or something. So, check out the petition, sign it if possible and tell people about it.
Thank you! :)