Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update on my mum

This will be a quick post. I'm in school (and on a teacher's laptop).
My mum's doing pretty good. Working an awesomely styled braid out everyday. On some days, she decides to rock a twist out and has me twist her hair up for her (I'm like her personal stylist :) ).
She's using sating scarves when she sleeps now, deep conditioning weekly, and she's doing a pretty good job.
So proud of her! :)

I lost hair :/

Yesterday, a bobby got stuck in my hair.

I put some Tresemme Naturals Conditioner on my hair and a bit of water and tried to getly get my hair out of the bobby pin. Took forever.

When my hair finally got out, there was a mass amount of hair (maybe it wasn't that big, but it was over an inch) on the pin.

And guess where all that hair was nape hair. Yup! the hair I've been trying to grow out for forever now. I had my nape hair going down my back and now, it's...only a few strands are touching my back, the rest are just "necky" (ignore my poor choice of words).


Thursday, April 18, 2013

The First Natural Blog I Read

Hey everyone!
So, below is the first natural hair blogpost I ever read. I still read it over and over. 
It was posted by Angie from Treasure for Tots.
Check out her blog!



Serenity's OOAK upcycled dress is handmade by the original courtneycourtney!

Serenity is my beautiful biracial baby girl, and one of the very first things people notice about my Darling Stinker is her wonderful curls!
Let me tell you, she doesn't jump up from bed every morning with her hair in perfect little ringlets!
It takes a little time, effort, and some awesome products to create those lovely curls!

When she was a baby, she had big soft, fine curls.
Her hair is still wonderfully soft and very fine, but as she's gotten older her hair has become more tightly curled.
When her hair is wet, it actually reaches the middle of her back!

As her hair has gotten curlier and longer, it's become a challenge to find hair care products that will work with her hair and not send it into some kind of knotty revolt.

Traditional "black" and "white" hair products don't quite do the job - certainly not in the regular way one would use the products.
After a bit of online research, I found a few products that I LOVE!

BTW, people are always asking me how I care for Serenity's hair.
I've had black and white Grandparents and Parents ask me for hair care tips for their own biracial children.
When people see Serenity's head full of pretty curls, they seem to think her hair must be easier to manage or something. 

It's not