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The First Natural Blog I Read

Hey everyone!
So, below is the first natural hair blogpost I ever read. I still read it over and over. 
It was posted by Angie from Treasure for Tots.
Check out her blog!



Serenity's OOAK upcycled dress is handmade by the original courtneycourtney!

Serenity is my beautiful biracial baby girl, and one of the very first things people notice about my Darling Stinker is her wonderful curls!
Let me tell you, she doesn't jump up from bed every morning with her hair in perfect little ringlets!
It takes a little time, effort, and some awesome products to create those lovely curls!

When she was a baby, she had big soft, fine curls.
Her hair is still wonderfully soft and very fine, but as she's gotten older her hair has become more tightly curled.
When her hair is wet, it actually reaches the middle of her back!

As her hair has gotten curlier and longer, it's become a challenge to find hair care products that will work with her hair and not send it into some kind of knotty revolt.

Traditional "black" and "white" hair products don't quite do the job - certainly not in the regular way one would use the products.
After a bit of online research, I found a few products that I LOVE!

BTW, people are always asking me how I care for Serenity's hair.
I've had black and white Grandparents and Parents ask me for hair care tips for their own biracial children.
When people see Serenity's head full of pretty curls, they seem to think her hair must be easier to manage or something. 

It's not

But it's not exactly hard either - it's just takes a little bit more effort and care.
You just need to find a daily routine that will work for you and/or your child.
It's a learning experience - a valuable learning experience that you can pass down to your child once she/he is old enough to do their own hair.
Don't be afraid to try something new if you're not totally satisfied with a product's results. 
Remember also to use products that have the best ingredients (like organic), and stay away from too many harsh chemicals if you can. 
Fresh, homemade hair products are excellent and you can save a lot of money making them yourself.

And remember, depending on your child's hair - washing less is usually best.

I'm teaching Serenity to be proud of her beautiful curls.
Curly hair may take a little extra time and effort to style, but the results are well worth it!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Please feel free to leave comments about your own curly experience or advice and recommendations on hair products you like best!

Below is an extensive list of products I've tried and my favorites.
Near the bottom of this post, I share with you how I wash, comb, cut, and style Serenity's hair.

BTW, using a satin pillowcase for your child to sleep on helps to keep those tangles to a minimum at night.
Cotton pillowcases not only creates tangles, but it sucks the moisture from the hair too.
You could get a satin bonnet (Sally's has them too) - but a satin pillowcase is more practical since it's very hard to keep a satin bonnet on any child's head over night!
You can get them anywhere (Amazon usually has pretty good deals), but I like the little travel pillowcases at My Time Creations.
She has kid themes, they are well-made, shipping is fast, and you can custom order standard size pillowcases too.

Hair Products:


Overall, Curly Q's For Kids has some of the best biracial hair products I've tried.
It has a wonderful light coconut scent that is perfect for kids.
But it can get pretty expensive.
I've tried their entire line for kids and I love all of it, but my favorite is Curly Q Milkshake.
This stuff is priceless.
It conditions Serenity's hair, defrizzes her curls and leaves hair easy to brush and style.
I usually order the larger 32 ounce bottle every three months.

Another favorite is Curly Q's Moist Curls Moisturizer/Detangler.
It's better than anything you'll find in the store.
It will not dry out your Darling Stinker's hair - I promise!
It has a wonderful scent too - not that overpowering smell of alcohol like store-bought detanglers.
My friend's little girl (who's Caucasian), has the some of the thickest, curliest hair ever and when she used Moist Curls, she had no problem combing her hair!

Moist Curls works on ANY curly hair type - it's not just for biracial children.
Actually, so will Milkshake.
If you (or your children) have curly hair, your hair might be a little drier than straight hair.
Consider trying Curly Q's.
They have samples of their products that you can buy too!

Curls also created a line of products especially for babies called It's A Curl.
It's organic and it works beautifully too!

Target now carries Curls!
It's their adult line, but they told me their children's line will be available soon!

Mixed Chicks makes wonderful products for biracial/curly hair too.
I've tried a sample pack of all their products and liked them.
My favorite was their leave-in conditioner.
I would mix it with water - too much of it left Serenity's hair "crunchy", but it would soften after a while.
The smell of their products is nice too, but more for adults than children.
I didn't think it was a very kid-friendly product because of the smell BUT it did work in Serenity's hair just fine.

Since writing this post 3 years ago, Mixed Chicks has released a new kid's line!
I haven't tried them yet, but they have wonderful reviews on
The line is mostly odorless, except for the shampoo which has a faint orange scent.
I really liked Mixed Chicks - but I had a problem with the strong smell of the adult line.
Looks like they solved that little problem!
Mixed Chicks is also available at Target stores.

Blended Beauty is another online store that offers high quality products for biracial/curly hair.
I've tried a sample pack of their stuff too.
Not only did their products leave Serenity's hair beautiful, I think they smelled the yummiest!
My favorites Blended Beauty products are Curly Cake Shake and Light Down & Out Styles.
The Stain Style Reviver is very good too.
But check your child's hair type to find the best Blended Beauty products to use!


Be Mine is another product line that sounds very promising.
It's 100% natural and organic.
All the ingredients are pronounceable and most of them I know what they are - well all except Guar Gum, I had to look that one up!
I haven't tried these products in Serenity's hair - yet, but I plan too!
I'll update this post when I do.

I've finally tried Bee Mine's Luscious Cream MoisturizerHair Milk, and Juicy spray in Serenity's hair.
I must say like them all - but Juicy is my favorite.
They have a wonderful yummy scent (totally okay for kids) and worked beautifully in Serenity's hair.
I do have to use them sparingly, or they will leave Serenity's hair feeling a little too oily.
Be Mine Moisturizer is actually perfect to use when she's having a very dry period (like now) or especially in the Summer when she's is in the pool a lot - I just add a little extra to moisturize.
Overall, Be Mine is an excellent all natural and organic hair product that I'm very glad I found!

I've tried a lot of Miss Jessie's products lately since they are available at Target now.
It's so easy to pick them up while I'm shopping in town verses buying them online.

The Creme de la Creme shampoo and conditioner are nice.
However, they are very expensive and I probably won't buy them again.
They did work great though, but nothing I can't get from a cheaper alternative.

My favorite Miss Jessie products are Quick Curls and Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo.
These are two products that I will buy again and again!

Quick Curls is amazing!
It will detangle the hair and offers a very light but effective hold to define curls and help it stay frizz-free.
It's a great product!
It's sorta expensive, but it only takes a little and the bottle will last a long time.

Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo is the best detangling shampoo that I have ever tried!
love this stuff!
It doesn't dry out Serenity's hair and again, a little goes a long way.
I made the mistake of using too much the first time I tried it and quickly realized I only needed a small amount.
This one bottle will last months - especially considering you don't need to shampoo curly hair nearly as often as you do straight.

I've tried both the Curly Buttercreme and Stretch Silkening Creme.
In the beginning, I felt they did okay but I noticed it sorta dried Serenity's hair out a bit and had a tendency to clump.
So I've stopped using them.

I decided to check out a few online reviews, and found that a several people had the same drying problem.
They also complained about it containing mineral oil.

I'm not sure how much of a big deal mineral oil really is in hair products.
Since reading about the complaints of mineral oil in Miss Jessie's products, I've done a little research online.
 It's a refined and purified product that helps seal in moisture (but doesn't penetrate the hair shaft like other oils), and simply gets a bad rap from "all-natural" companies.
Ktani's Hair Sense describes how she uses only a couple of drops in her hair and has gotten great results.
Curly Nikki has an interesting blog post about mineral oil vs. coconut oil.
I haven't done any experiments using mineral oil alone (but I might try it soon) in Serenity's hair, so I can't say if it works or not.

But as far as the two Miss Jessie's products above, after using them for a couple of months (like I usually do when I'm testing new products), they did dry Serenity's hair out a bit and leave clumps.
I believe there are other products that do a much better job in her hair.

Curly Pudding is also a styler that is supposed to help stretch out curls.
I didn't find it stretched out Serenity's curls that much (her hair curls very tightly), but it does offer a nice light hold and scent.
It's not something I would buy again since Quick Curls, in my opinion, works better and lasts longer.

Serenity's hair is very temperamental, some days it's extremely dry - other days it's not.
A product that I've been using for days on her hair and getting awesome results, will sometimes suddenly stop working!
It's one reason why I keep trying new product lines and/or rotate different products I use in her hair.

But after trying different products,
 all of Curly Q's products (and not just a few) worked in not only Serenity's hair, but my friends' biracial children - and each of them have hair completely different than Serenity!
I feel it's more versatile AND totally suitable for young children.

Buying quality products for Serenity's hair on the Internet can get very expensive.
I had to stop ordering the Curly Q shampoo and conditioner - it just got to be too much!
But I still buy Curly Q's Moist Curls and Milkshake when I can because they work best with the most consistent results.

I've tried lots of different inexpensive store-bought shampoos and conditioners too, but most of them dried Serenity's hair out.
Here's a list of some that didn't:

Suave Tropical Coconut Suave and Refreshing Tangerine are great, inexpensive conditioners.
I like using these instead of shampoo every other day - or less, and it can be cut with water.
It all depends on how dirty her hair gets, swimming or how much product build-up Serenity has in her hair.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner is okay too.
It leaves Serenity's hair clean, soft and silky and doesn't dry it out.
I like to cut this with water too for a quick cream rinse every other day.

Suave 2-in-1 Smoothers for kids is a wonderful product and worked best when Serenity was younger and her hair was more loosely curled.



Lately I've been using TRESemmé Naturals Conditioner as a cleaner and a leave-in conditioner.
I LOVE this product!
You can read my in-depth review about HERE.
I followed a leave-in conditioner tip I found over at Measured by the Heart using TRESemmé conditioner (less than $6 for 25 oz. bottle) and it does a great job in Serenity's hair!
I put the conditioner in an empty Blended Cutie Satin Style Reviver spray bottle. 
Satin Style Reviver is awesome - but $16 for an 8 oz. bottle!
I go through an 8 ounce bottle in no time, so I can't always afford that price.
Making my "own" using TRESemmé conditioner is much cheaper and it works!

I use about 1/8 cup (2 tbsp) of conditioner in an 8 ounce bottle.

That mixture is just right for Serenity's hair - which tends to be dry.

I'm trying something new again!
It's Rite-Aid's Renewal sulfate-free conditioner.
Check out my review HERE!


Palmer's Olive Oil is another product I use in Serenity's hair. It's very light and doesn't leave her hair greasy. Even extra virgin cooking olive oil is good to use, but the Palmer's has a nice pleasant scent added to it.
Jojoba oil has lots of different uses (acne, dry lips, hair, sores, dry scalp, skin, etc.) - I used it when I got sunburned this Summer! It worked better than aloe! I like to apply it on Serenity's and directly to her scalp.Coconut oil is good for hair too, but it's expensive too. Here's a tip: trying buying the coconut oil (LouAna brand) from your grocery store or in the grocery department at Wal-Mart - it's exactly the same as the coconut oil in the cosmetic department, just much cheaper!

Monoi Tiki Tahiti oil is good too and I've been using it in Serenity's hair recently. 
We both love the pretty scent! Monoi oil is coconut oil infused with Gardenias. 
Every bottle comes with a dried Tiare flower. 
It's an excellent oil for your skin too!

Avocado oil is awesome for hair. It penetrates the hair shaft to soften, condition and promotes growth with plenty of proteins, vitamins, amino and folic acids. It can be used in various homemade hair treatments too. I've just started using it in Serenity's hair and I love the results. It doesn't leave her hair feeling greasy at all - just soft and manageable. Remember though - a little goes a long way!

Check out a wonderful Butter and Avocado Oil Hair Treatment for dry hair I tried recently!

Another good idea is to soak your ponytail bands in any one of the oils above before putting them in your child's hair. This will give added moisture to her hair and keep it from breaking too much. Also, most of the time I like to cut the ponytail bands out of Serenity's hair. She does have a few ponytail ribbon streamers that I don't cut - but I'm extremely careful taking them out of her hair. I don't recommend using rubber bands too often, and when you do use them soak them in oil before putting them in your child's hair!


Brushes & Combs:

Use the best.
It's better to invest in a good brush and comb that will last for years, rather than a cheap one you have to replace over and over.
Don't use cheap hair brushes in your Darling Stinker's curly hair!
I believe that using a good brush is just as important as the hair products you put in your child's hair.
I mostly use two different brands - the Tangle Teezer and the Denman's Tangle Tamer (both kinds listed).
All the brushes I've reviewed I have bought and tested.
The Kakakiki comb is the only one that I would not use in Serenity's hair.
But that doesn't mean it isn't a good brush (because I think it is), it's that I don't think it's made for her type of of hair. 

The Denman brush (I would recommend using a real one - NOT a copycat) is a high quality brush that's been around forever. 
I use this brush to put ponytails in Serenity's hair and for curl definition - but onlyafter her hair has been detangled!

Watch the video below to see how amazing the Denman brush works for curl definition.

Also, if you find that the Denman brush gets tangled in your Darling Stinker's hair, try removing a few of the bristles.
Watch the video below to learn how!


To detangle her hair I use the Tangle Teezer.
It was invented by a hairdresser named Shaun P from England.
The brush can only be ordered from England.
I got mine on Ebay from an authorized seller.
Shipping was fast both times I placed my orders.

The Tangle Teezer is now available at Sally's!

I can't even begin to describe this brush - it's got to be seen to be believed.
It will go through any hair with ease - wet or dry!
Serenity's hair looks like spun cotton candy when she wakes up and because of this brush - it only takes five minutes (and not 30 minutes or an hour) to get her locks looking beautiful!
I like the soft plastic bristles too - it doesn't break her hair like other brushes might.
I'll have to post a demo video of it one day.
BTW, even though the Tangle Teezer will detangle wet or dry hair, I never brush Serenity's hair "dry"!
I'll explain further down.

Do you have a Tween?
Then you know they do not brush their hair - unless you make them!
Most of the time their hair is a mess of tangles.
Hey, I'm not criticizing!
I have two nieces that are 9, and most of my friend have girls all around that same age.
For Christmas last year, I got all the girls a Tangle Teezer - and they like it!
No more hurting when they pull that brush through their hair!
could go on and on about the Tangle Teezer - I think it's the best brush!-------------------- 

I've also use the Kakakiki Kombbrush.
That's a mouth full!
It does an okay job of detangling Serenity's hair but I have to be much gentler using it compared to the Tangle Teezer (and Serenity doesn't like it) so I don't use this brush.
I don't believe it's the best brush for her hair type.
However, it does do a great job in different hair types as you can see in some demo videos on YouTube.


The Denman Tangle Tamer is made specifically for kids and I think it does an excellent job.
I've never had a problem with it and it goes through Serenity's hair fairly easily.
It's perfect for ponytails too!


We also have the Mebco Tortoise Shower comb and it works okay.
I use it only when Serenity's hair is wet or damp.


Natural and handmade combs are supposed to be better than plastic.
I bought Serenity an ox horn comb after reading how wonderful they are for your hair:

Renowned for their anti-static and hair beautifying properties, Ox horn Combs have been used for centuries in South and East Asia as a method of keeping hair healthy and beautiful.

* Better than plastic combs since ox horn is made of Keratin, the same material as human hair, allowing the comb to glide effortlessly through, avoiding paindful snags.
* Due to less friction than normal combs, you avoid drying out hair and damaging static build ups that cause split ends.
* Ox horn combs distribute hair nourishing natural oils, leading to healthier shinier hair.
* Can be used to smooth out tangled and matted hair more easily than conventional combs
* Like other high quality combs, these are made and polished by hand since ox horn would deform if shaped by high temperature machine.

I find it works pretty good, but those small tines are hard to get through Serenity's curls - but useful on tiny tangles.


Recently I came across the Remington Tangle Tamer.
It's a rechargeable (cordless too) detangling comb.
I never seen this before!
I found it on - and although it only has 9 reviews - it's a solid 5-star.
Okay I just had to try it!

The Remington Tangle Tamer now has 42 solid 5-star reviews!

It's very loud, and you should take your time and follow the instructions exactly, but it really does work!
I used it to detangle Serenity's hair after her nap the first time, and it didn't hurt her at all.
Even though at first she can't stand the loud noise, she's gotten used to it.

I love this brush/comb and I use it everyday now. 
Of course, I still use the Tangle Teezer (love it too!), but mostly on really bad knots.
The Tangle Tamer is indispensable and I couldn't imagine tackling Serenity's curls without it!

Below is a video I took with my iPhone.
I'm not showing y'all the full effect of the brush since I really should be using two hands and Serenity's hair is already detangled.
But I wanted you to get an idea of the loud noise it makes and how the tines on the comb spin - and how it goes through Serenity's hair.


Serenity's Hair Care:

Okay, now that you know what products I prefer for Serenity's hair, here's how I take care of it on a daily basis.

I wash her hair every other day with a cream rinse conditioner.
I use way more conditioner than shampoo - I only use shampoo if she has a lot of buildup or usually just once a month with Miss Jessie's Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo.
So unless I'm trying out a new product, I mostly use Suave conditioner since it's inexpensive and does a good job.
I like to do a "cream rinse" in hair every other day - or less. 
It all depends on how dry it is.
A cream rinse helps to keep Serenity's hair clean without removing too many essential oils that will make her hair dry and brittle.

To clarify: cream rinse is when I use only conditioner in Serenity's hair.
I wet it as normal, add conditioner, work it into her hair, and then use the Tangle Tamer (or Tangle Teezer) to get all the tangles out of her hair.
Then I leave the conditioner in for around 15 minutes, and rinse her hair in cold/cool water.

Sometimes I do a quick cream rinse by adding conditioner and water to a bottle, put it in Serenity's hair, comb out the tangles and then rinse.
This is great to do if you're in a hurry!

I've edited this post a few times since I've changed Serenity routine.

But I've decided to keep her old routine (below) up since it might help someone else.
She recently chopped off one side her hair to her scalp (yikes!) and I had to cut it to even it all out.
I totally blame Rapunzel!
But I guess a lot of kids do it when they are around Serenity's age - I was so upset!
Her hair grows slowly - or rather it appears to grow slowly because it curls so tightly.
She's been taking her Princess vitamins and I'm taking extra special care of her hair so it's growing back very nicely!
And ever since she cut it, it's been a lot easier to mange - probably because it's so much shorter now!

Wash her hair with the 2 in 1 Suave Smoothers (I like Cowabunga Coconut) once a month.
Conditioner her hair with either HE Hello Hydration or TRESemmé Naturals. 
Grab sections of her hair and sort of squeeze the conditioner into her hair and comb out the tangles in her hair using the Tangle Teezer or wide tooth comb.
Leave it in for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse well in cold/cool water.

Squeeze Serenity's hair so it's not drippy wet - but not completely dry.
Add TRESemmé leave-in conditioner all over her curls.
I like to brush Serenity's hair in sections. Starting on the ends of her hair, I brush sections of her hair using the Tangle Teezer (or a wide-tooth comb, or one of the other brushes I've listed above) until it's completely detangled.
Then I warm a little bit of Olive, Jojoba or Monoi oil (starting with a dime size and adding more if needed) between my palms and apply it all over her hair to lock in the moisture.
I like to use Bee Mine's Juicy too.Style.
Right now with her hair so short, that means putting on a pretty rolled flower headband that I made!

When Serenity wakes up in the morning, her head looks just like fluffy cotton candy! It doesn't help that Serenity has a habit of twirling her hair 'round & 'round her finger as she falls asleep either. So here's what I do to tame that mane.

NEVER brush or comb Serenity's hair dry!
Add as much TRESemmé leave-in conditioner (mixed with water) as needed to detangled it.
Add a little bit Olive, Jojoba, Monoi oil or Juicy to the ends if they are really dry.
If she's having a very dry period, I lightly apply the oil all over her head too.Starting on the ends of her hair, detangle using the Tangle Teezer (or Tangle Tamer). It takes about 5 to 10 mintues.
If needed, I'll add about a dime size of oil over her hair to lock in the moisture.
Depending on what style I do in her hair for the day, I can get awesome curl definition by using the Denman brush - or just throw on a pretty flower headband!

You can see a picture demonstration of how I Tame That Mane by clicking HERE!

Also, I would suggest never blow-drying your child's hair if you can avoid it.

Instead of a terry cloth towel that will leave tiny fuzzies in her hair, use a t-shirt (or jersey material) to absorb most of the water by carefully squeezing her curls.
You could also wrap her hair up in the tee until it's mostly dry.
Either way, you'll find it works a lot better than using a regular towel!

Hair Cuts:

I know when it's time to cut Serenity's hair because the ends become very dry and hard to manage.
only trim the very ends when her hair is almost dry.
I cut only a teeny tiny bit off the tips, and right now I'm not really worried about giving it a "shape" - I just follow the natural shape her hair is growing.
Cutting curly hair can be very forgiving and you might not be able to see a couple of little mistakes - but remember to try to cut it dry (or almost dry) or you could end up cutting too much off!

Children's Books:

While you're brushing your Darling Stinker's hair, she might like reading, I Love My Hair by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley
It's a book about an African-American girl getting her hair combed by her Mother. 
Sometimes it hurts, but the little girl's Mother comforts her, telling her how beautiful her hair is and how many different ways it can be styled. 
The book has beautiful watercolor illustrations that your Darling Stinker will enjoy too!

A new book by Nicole Updegraff called "I Love My Cotton Candy Hair" is one I definitely belive your child will love! 
The sweet illustrations show the many different hair styles that you can create with curly hair. 
I'm grateful for a book that's filled with children who look and have hair like my daughter's  - but I think it's a wonderful book for girls of all colors!

"I Won't Comb My Hair!" is a silly book about a little girl who...
of course won't comb her hair!
Her hair get longer and completely crazy, and then birds and wild animals move into the tangled mass.
Finally she decides she needs to comb her hair and tries lots of adorable ways to style it.
A fun way to remind kids they should brush their hair!


Here's a cute video called "I Love My Hair" from Sesame Street:

Serenity loves that video!
Here she is singing and dancing to it:


How-To Books:

The number one thing to remember about biracial/curly hair is HYDRATION!!
Curly hair tends to be naturally drier than straight hair (but not always!) - and that goes double for biracial curly hair!
Drier hair means it is more fragile and brittle.
So make sure you always use leave in conditioners, and oils when necessary, andnever brush the hair while it's dry!
You could break and severely damage your little sweetie's hair.

The book, Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey shows you how to care for, cut and style curly hair.
It even has a few cool recipes for homemade hair products!
I highly recommend it.
I'm always thumbing through it for tips.



You can celebrate your child's beautiful hair with some of these cute shirts with the little puppet from the Sesame Street, "I Love My Hair" video.

Serenity's adorable, "Yes... it's all mine" t-shirt is from Baby Big Hair!
You can purchase one for your Darling Stinker HERE:



Tighly Curly is a wonderfully detailed website that will help you learn so much about curly biracial hair.
There is even a section for little kids.
Go check it out today - you'll be very glad you did.
She just released a brand new book too!
It's called, Curly Like Me.
I bought it and it's great!
The website is very nice too - I like looking up the ingredients in shampoos and conditioners to see if it's okay for Serenity's hair.

Another great website is Bead, Braids & Beyond.
Nikki has two little kids and she's always showcasing some amazing and beautiful kid styles!
I wish I was better at braiding.
When Serenity's hair was longer, I tried it out a few times.
I did alright, but I need a LOT of practice!
Nikki also does excellent product reviews too.
I highly recommend her blog - I'm a big-time BBB stalker!!


Hair Type Chart:

To determine what hair type you or your Darling Stinker has, check out the chart above.
Serenity's hair type is now somewhere around 3c - I think!

Just for Me!

Just For Me! has a line of very affordable products.

I've only tried the Curl Smoother and found it worked pretty good.
It has a light yummy strawberry smell, and I really liked the pop-up cap on the bottle - very easy to use. 

Just For Me! now has a soy milk and honey line called "Hair Milk" too.
I haven't tried it, but you can read a mixture of good and bad reviews on

Just For Me! also sells relaxers - but I would stay well away from them!
I do NOT recommend putting relaxers or perms in any child's hair!

Questions and Answers:

Jacklyn's question: "How do you wash your daughter's hair with adult shampoo and manage not to get it in her eyes?"

Answer: Boon Flo Water Defector! Love it!

Jacklyn's question: "I've seen before about putting oil in the hair. As an overly oily haired person, this is just so foreign to me. Do you just put it in your hands and fluff it though their hair? Does the hair not look really oily and greasy afterwards? And, how do you apply it to the scalp? Thanks in advance!"

Answer: I start with about a dime size of the oil (either olive, jojoba or Juicy by Bee Mine) on the palm of my hair and rub my hands together a little bit (it warms
 it up), then run my fingers through Serenity's hair to get it all over. Usually, it's the perfect amount for her hair. Sometimes though it needs a little more. To apply it directly to the scalp, divide your daughter's (or son's) hair into sections and then use the tip of your finger to apply it.

Leslie's question: "I do have a question, Her hair is very short, barely get it it in a pony tail, and when i do the back ends up falling out and gets all puffy, so I was wonder what product you woudl suggest to help her hair grow."

Answer: I would suggest not putting it in one ponytail until your daughter's hair grows longer. Try several little ponytails. To stop your daughter's hair from getting so poofy during the day, try Curly Q's Gel-les'c. It works great - a little bit goes a long way! Although I have to say it's very hard to completely stop a child's hair from getting puffy after a long day of play - it's been almost impossible for me to do that with Serenity's hair. You could try spraying a little homemade Lavender Hair Mistthroughout the day to help with puffiness too. To help her hair grow, I would say just keep taking the best possible care of her hair and make sure she takes her vitamins and drinks lots of water everyday!

Amandiy's question: "I decided to try the suave smoothers 2 in 1 just as shampoo since 2 in 1's should usually be considered just shampoos; and the herbal essences conditioner/just for me hairmilk option, but i'm just not sure if it is ok to use herbal essences hello hydration conditioner or just for me hairmilk on my 15 month old is there any age restriction on these products?"

Answer: I don't think there is an age restriction. But I understand your concern. Try using Curls' products for babies - they are totally organic!

Have fun!

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