Monday, March 28, 2016

Update in Hair Regimen

Hello people!

I know I haven't blogged about anything in months and that's because I don't feel I have much to blog about because, as you know, I'm still dealing with damaged hair. Also, I don't have that much time to blog, as you must have noticed, with the months-long delay with blog posts on all my blogs.

However, I thought that I should put up something new for the lot of you who still check out my blog. Also, I will try to upload a few things within the next month.

Okay! So here's an update on my hair regimen. Lately, I have been cowashing biweekly instead of weekly and I've been tucking all my hair away. This is not just to make life a bit easier for me, but also because I feel like I should go a bit longer with combing and washing (if my hair/scalp's not dirty). I haven't used heat on my hair in about a month or so too and I took a break from heat because I have been working from home more often, which means I don't need to worry about stepping out with wet hair and I also thought that my hair would thrive well/better taking a bit of a break from heat drying if it wasn't needed.

I have been moisturising more using my Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner, water-only washing if my hair is not dirty, but needs refreshing, mud washing more (with a mixture of Amla, Terressentials Citrus Mud Wash, an oil mixture, Midas Naturals Conditioner, Shea Moisture's Restorative Conditioner, rose water and Shea Moisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner), shampoo washing with my hair in twists to ensure I clean my scalp well and sealing in the moisture using a homemade oil mixture of pure castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, almond oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Ylang Ylang.

My hair L.O.V.E.S the mud wash. However, I get a bit annoyed if I get out of the shower and start getting dressed just to find a bit of mud left in my hair (some times when my hair's almost dry) although I spent like 10mins rinsing out my hair. I must say that the look and feel of my hair after a mud wash is amazing, though.

Lastly, I have been going longer with my use of the comb. I chose to use a comb to detangle my hair just once a week, but now, I've been pushing it further and going weeks  (and maybe a whole month) between using a comb.

I still choose not to wear my hair out in a big afro because it's pretty humid here in England so my hair will shrink and tangle up a lot, I don't want to have to comb my hair to maintain and afro, I might get annoyed about having hair everywhere, and, let's face it, people's hands will be in my hair and I'm not a huge fan of that as I don't like feeling like a dog (due to the stroking way some people touch my hair).

I'm growing out the length that I cut off. However, I doubt I'll be cutting my hair again in April.

I am considering getting extension before the summer, but because I'm home (Southampton) less often, I think I'll stick with my plan of going one year extension-free and then get extension in during the summer or just after the summer as I feel like extensions are beneficial to growing out the hair as long as they're maintained well and installed properly.

I may or may not get crochet braids again (I feel like I might get a wig instead), but what I've had in mind lately are large box braids or Marley twists (I'll probably go with the twists).

So, yeah, that's an update on my hair, hair regimen and plans for the future!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Journey from Damaged to Healthy: First Trim + Hair Update.


Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from this, but I got my hair trimmed on Saturday! I took off about an inch everywhere.

My hair is still at various lengths, but I have no intentions of ever big chopping so, I'm just trimming off the damage every few months and then when the shortest parts of my hair get to a particular length, I'll probably get my entire head of hair to that length.

Most of my hair is still relatively long, I guess. The hair at the back of my head is growing out and my hair is thickening up everywhere now so that's awesome.

My regimen still consists of cowashing/mud washing weekly and shampoo washing during the first week of every month, sealing moisture with castor oil, taking out shed hair using extra virgin olive oil followed by conditioner and combing once a week (in the shower with conditioner and water in hair and when stretching out hair).

I think I'm going to stick with not getting crochet braids or twists with extensions till around next summer. I'm actually loving having just my hair out and it is helping with my recovery process. When I do get crochet braids/twists with extensions done, I plan on only keeping them in for 2-4 weeks and not as long as I did for the past two years. I also plan on going longer between protective styling with extensions. Instead of just a few days to 2 weeks (*cringe*) I'll probably go a month, especially depending on how long I protective styled for.

I can't wait till my hair is completely healthy and even!!
Oh my!
That will be awesome!