Monday, January 5, 2015

My hair since my last post

This is my actual curl pattern :)


So, yeah, I have done quite a bit with my hair since my last blog post.

By the way, from the picture above, do you think my hair's a type 4a or 4b? I have a few actual spirals, but not as big as someone who has type 3 hair.

  • Okay! So, I've pretty much had my hair stretching since my last post. However, on New Year's eve at around 4pm, I took my hair out of it's stretching state in African threading and bantu knotted it because I had a party starting at 9pm and I pretty much didn't want to be at it with my hair in African threads.
  • At around 9pm, I took out the bantu knots and lifted my roots a bit with a comb. I didn't fully comb out my hair neither did I separate it. I decided to wear a bantu knot out because my hair was pretty much straight from the African threading and I love big, curly hair and I prefer to wear my hair curly than straight.
  • So, after the party (at like 3am on New Year's day), I finger combed and braided my hair in for sections and went to bed like that.
  • Later on New Year's day, I African threaded my hair again 'cause I wanted to ensure it was stretched for my cousin's birthday party the next day as my roots had reverted a bit from working out. However, I African threaded my braided hair as I couldn't be bothered to rethread my hair in smaller sections or loose like I had done before.
  • The next day, honestly, I couldn't really be bothered to take out my hair so and my cousin is family isn't he? Also, I'm cool with everyone who was going to be at his house so....yes, you guessed it, I went to his house with my hair in African threaded braids and people actually like it :) Haha :)
  • The next day, after working out, I prepooed (with extra virgin olive oil), washed, conditioned and deep conditioned my hair with it still being in braids because I knew my scalp was what mainly needed the cleaning and I knew my hair would be fine washing it and conditioning it that way.
  • After I got out of the shower, I took down each section and worked on them one after each other.
  • First, I worked some aloe very gel into it (fresh out of the leaf). Unfortunately, my hair felt horrifyingly dry after this so I got out my spray bottle, spritz my hair, worked some of my BeeMine BeeLovely Daily Moisturising Conditioner into it followed by some extra virgin olive oil, spritzed my hair again and followed with some shea butter.
  • Next, I African threaded my hair. I didn't take down and redo the African threading like I did in my last post because I didn't really care if my hair was straight-ish.
  • The next morning, I combed my hair out just to ensure it was still fully detangled (which it was) and held it up in a puff with some bangs on the side and I went to church like that.
  • After church, I went to my aunt's house where I.....wait for it......wait for iiiiit.....CUT MY HAIR! Yes! I cut about an inch of my hair off! (So, it's back at APL). Why? Well, I did want to trim or cut my hair during the summer however I was too nervous to and went back in a protective style, but this time, I felt like I just had to do it because my ends were starting to look weirdish, my hair was already past a good landmark, I had a few single strand knots and although I didn't really notice any this time, during the summer, I noticed a few split ends. Also, I thought losing my ends will make my hair look better. So, yeah, I did it!
  • Still at my aunt's house, I got my hair braided and went along to reinstall my crochet braids, but with a different type of extensions as my signature ones (my usuals) were unfortunately, out of stock. My new extensions look almost dreadlock-y and will take some time to get used to as they're very very different, but I'm sure I can keep these in for as long as I keep in my....usuals ;)

And that's pretty much it! I've just had my crochet braids held up in a gigantic messy bun all day and I sleep with them in a pineapple.

See y'all later!

p.s I'm heading back to school on Wednesday so, new posts are going to be pretty much going to be inexistent till around mid-February when you should expect one or two new posts (I doubt you'll get more than that as I'll be really busy).