Monday, January 4, 2016

Journey from Damaged to Healthy: First Trim + Hair Update.


Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from this, but I got my hair trimmed on Saturday! I took off about an inch everywhere.

My hair is still at various lengths, but I have no intentions of ever big chopping so, I'm just trimming off the damage every few months and then when the shortest parts of my hair get to a particular length, I'll probably get my entire head of hair to that length.

Most of my hair is still relatively long, I guess. The hair at the back of my head is growing out and my hair is thickening up everywhere now so that's awesome.

My regimen still consists of cowashing/mud washing weekly and shampoo washing during the first week of every month, sealing moisture with castor oil, taking out shed hair using extra virgin olive oil followed by conditioner and combing once a week (in the shower with conditioner and water in hair and when stretching out hair).

I think I'm going to stick with not getting crochet braids or twists with extensions till around next summer. I'm actually loving having just my hair out and it is helping with my recovery process. When I do get crochet braids/twists with extensions done, I plan on only keeping them in for 2-4 weeks and not as long as I did for the past two years. I also plan on going longer between protective styling with extensions. Instead of just a few days to 2 weeks (*cringe*) I'll probably go a month, especially depending on how long I protective styled for.

I can't wait till my hair is completely healthy and even!!
Oh my!
That will be awesome!