Saturday, March 10, 2012



So, I've decided to challenge myself. And you can do it to! :)
Till the end of this month, hopefully, I am going to try not using any detangling tools. No wide toothed combs. No Denman Brushes. Just Fingers! :)
FiNgErS!! :)

Some time ago, months ago, I decided to use only natural products (no commercial products) on my hair. I didn't really succeed with that at first because I was using the John Frieda Conditioner, Shampoo (only once a month) and Heat Protectant, Vitals Leave-in Conditioner, Organics Tea Tree Gro Conditioner (and I believe those were all the products I used). I also used things like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, homemade rosemary oil, shea butter , avocados etc on my hair. As a matter of fact, I only DCed with natural things then (and I still do). Okay! so, I stopped using the Vitals Leave-In Conditioner shortly after I started using it because it made my hair feel bad, like BAD. Totally didn't work for me. I added things to it, but still couldn't get it to do something good for my hair. Also, I noticed it had ingredients I didn't like getting on my hair in it (didn't notice that the first time I checked). So I was like, "mum, if you want a leave-in, I have one I can give you," and stopped using it. The Organics Tea Tree Gro, I added shea butter to it, canola oil, rosemary oil, but it just wasn't doing anything for me. It just sat on my hair and made it feel hard, and really dry, so, I stopped using it too. Shampoo, I quit using that...wait! many months ago? I'm totally CG right now. I used to use shampoo once a month, but now, not anymore. It always left my hair dry and stripped. Heat Protectant, just once in a long while because some natural things natural have heat protection in them. So, I was using only the John Frieda conditioner (and homemade things), but my bottle was like __ this close to finishing. I like the John Frieda conditioner I have, but I can't find it anywhere now. So, I kept it for an emergency and I started making all my hair products. Right now, the only hair product I use is my Organics Lock&Twist Gel and that's because I'm letting my aloe vera plant be for a while so it grows some more. I haven't used my OLTG in a while now (ever since I took down my twists (or shortly after that)).
My hair does feel and look a whole lot better since I cut down on all those products. So, try it sometime! NO COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS! Homemade is the way to go for me now (or well, after graduation and I'm away at an IB College, I'll order the Bee Mine Botanical line and keep it just incase I can't get something done).

Why do I make such long posts?
Anyways, CHALLENGE: No combs! Fingers only! :)
See you later, okay?

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