Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pet Peeves! x_X

  1. When people tell me to go get my hair relaxed
  2. Curly haters
  3. Looking at relaxed hair (when the person's had a bad relaxers and believes their hair's still perfectly fine even when it starts thinning out)
  4. People pulling at my hair
  5. People trying to touch my hair with filthy hands
  6. People telling me, "nothing's going to happen to your hair,"
  7. People wanting to have their way with my hair (like want to comb it in their own way - from roots to ends, use crazy products, comb it with a rat tail comb, tear apart knots on it etc)
  8. People not washing their hands before touching my hair
  9. Looking at straighteners/flat irons
  10. Looking at blow driers esp. without a diffuser on them (I don't even use blow driers with or without a diffuser)
  11. Seeing adverts for relaxers
  12. Smelling burnt hair (watching people getting their hair straightened)
  13. Okay! now! THE SCHOOL THING! The Asst. Principal wants all girls to braid their hair in cornrows, straight, all the way back and they must braid the tiniest bit of the hair on their edges. I mean, that's just crazy! I'm not doing that! Also, we must have 13 braids in our hair (I don't mind the 13 braids in my hair sometimes, but the edges and the same hairstyle every time with no slants, no partings, no style, no this, no that, I mean, is this military school?!?!?!?)
I'll stop now.

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