Friday, April 6, 2012


Okay! So, the other day, I was at work (yeah, work :) got a job...but only for 2 weeks! :) ).
Anyways, a lady that works here, she called me out while I was talking with my "co-workers." So, I was wondering why she was calling me, but I went to her and she was like, "why's your hair like this?" I was like, "like what?" She was like, "even your friend's hair is like yours," I looked at my bff through the window. She had her super kinky hair in a messy state, but she had most of it hidden under a beanie. That's when it clicked, the lady had seen my bff's hair before and I knew what she was talking about now, "are you talking about our hair being natural?" I asked, "yes," she said.

"Do you think your hair is good?" she asked, "do you think both of you have good hair?" I said, "yes," she went on to say, "you should go get your hair relaxed," I was like, "I'm never going to get my hair relaxed," she was like, "why? you think your hair is nice?" I said, "yes," she said, "natural hair is not nice. You don't have good hair, how do you even comb your hair?" I was like, "I have good hair, natural hair's beautiful and I comb my hair from the ends up to the roots," she was like, "what nonsense is that? So you'll just be sitting or standing and combing all this hair like that?" I was like, "yes," she then was like (and I hate this part),"look at how thick your hair is! Do you seriously think this is good?" I said, "yes," and she was like, "shut up! it isn't good. Look at how thick your hair is and on top of that, it's natural and you're telling me that's good?" and I was like, "yes."

My uncle (dad's bro), who happened to be in the office that day came over and was like, "what are you guys arguing about?" she was like, "she's telling me she has good hair," my uncle was like, "but she does, look at all this hair, healthy and natural." I should add that my uncle has a 2 year old daughter who's never going to get her hair relaxed (his wife has relaxed hair and from seeing my hair, she's considering transition. My uncle and his wife have decided never to relax, Neriah's hair). As for their almost a month old baby, they've started working on a good and healthy hair regimen for her, they haven't tested anything out on her yet (they only wash her curls with water for now). Anyways, back to what I was saying before: the lady was then like, "how is that good? her hair is so thick and natural," my uncle was like, "you haven't seen anything yet. You should see her rocking an afro," then he asked me why I didn't decide to wear an afro that day and I told him that my hair shrinks a lot now so he was like, "okay." We, my uncle and I, told her that my hair's so healthy now and that it's growing much faster and better now and that my hair hasn't been this long since I was little (when I had hair down my back and WAY below my chin- my dad cut it all off when I was 8-ish. Mind you, I only have below collar-bone length now, but a few strands of hair, stretched, go past bra-strap length - dunno y). The lady still wanted to argue with me, I totally felt like telling her that how thin, heat damaged and relaxer whatever her hair looks, is nothing to write home about or want to have. Instead, I settled for saying, "you should totally consider going natural." She was like, "so my hair would look like yours? Never. Why would I ever want my hair to be like yours? I've told you, you should go to a salon and get your hair relaxed. Look at your mum's hair, doesn't it look beautiful now?" My mum relaxed her curls. I said, "been there, done that, I'm never getting my hair relaxed again," and I walked away and went back to the conference room where I was with my "co-workers" and bff.

Has this ever happened to you?
or something similar?
Tell me your story.


  1. that woman sounds awful. who is she to decide what's good or bad hair?! glad you didn't let it get to you, keep rocking your beautiful natural hair! :)