Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Heyo everyone!

So, yesterday was my birthday! Gaah! SO happy! Okay, so hair! How did SammyWithTheBigHair have her hair on that day. Well...I had sorta braided my hair on Saturday. I did something new and I actually love it and I will do it again when I take it out.

Sammy, what did you do? Well, I've practically watched all Nadine's vids (GirlsLoveYourCurls on youtube) and there was one. I believe it's her 19th and 20th videos. I did something like that. It's not side swept which is one difference and I have the frontal area/first half of my hair flat braided not flat twisted.

I absolutely love the African threading I have at the back. I have a total of 23 flat braids and well, I can't start counting how many African threadings (aka Ghana Plaits). I had to show the ladies at the salon those vids before they actually had an idea of what I wanted (plus, the flat braids were done because they couldn't flat twist. They didn't know how to).

I absolutely love this style, plus it's a heat free curl stretcher. Well, the African threadings are. As the African threading's being done, you can see your hair stretched and when it's done, it remains stretched and when it's taken out, it remains stretched. I'm a no heat person so if I need to stretch my kinks and curls, this is my go-to style!

Hope you like the vid.
Had cupcakes that looked like that for my birthday
(to be honest, I don't eat cakes - I hate them so I just had about 45 of these that I gave out to people hehe :) ) 

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