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Itching During Transition (this is normal, but here's a way to like stop the itching and let the hair still do what it has to do)

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It's 3:33 AM and I'm like wondering what I'm still doing up lol 

Anyways, itching during transition. Many people have complained about that. I thought it was abnormal when I had to deal with that initially, but from watching my brother closely (lol) I believe that it's normal. Okay! how on earth is itching normal? Has Sammy finally cracked? lol :

Let's say you had a relaxer, your hair's like super straight after the relaxer, so, your scalp's used to that. Usually, after like 6 weeks, you retouch/re-relax your hair so, your head and scalp are still fully accustomed to straight hair. Also, the pores (should I call them that) on your scalp are like tiny dot like things and like curls try to push out of them. This causes like really tiny bumps (like micro-bumps) on your scalp, you may or may not have noticed this. So, your hair starts to itch as the curl tries coming out. If you have dry hair or for some reason, your hair is dry (maybe due to the elements (weather) or something), this'll add to it. But, do not be afraid, I have a couple of things to say about this and how you can stop/minimise the itching:

Someone, who I'd call BDR, instead of her real name said:
"I'm about 5 months in and my scalp itches so badly. I do my own weaves about once a week because I cannot stand the site of the two textures of my hair. Flat irons don't look good because my hair is so dry and everything else just looks BAD! so I'm keeping weave until I get further along in the process. Question: are there any products that I can use once a week on my scalp and hair that will eliminate the dry scalp AND dry hair, that aren't costly, while I'm wearing weave and transitioning? Because I'm really about to give up"

Here are what some people said to her in an attempt to help:

"Maybe you're putting the weave in too tight? I don't know much when it comes to weaves, but I know that is the case when my braids are too tight. If I were you, I would add moisture in every step of my hair care routine(shampooing, conditioning, detangling, and leave-in) oils (jojoba, grapeseed, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, and all that good stuff). These oils are not expensive(If I can afford them, anyone And, a little goes a long way with these oils, so they can last you a while. 
I'm in no way telling you to go out and purchase all of the oils I mentioned. Do a little research on them, and see which oils will benefit your hair. You may also want to look into a good creamy and moisturizing leave in(giovanni direct leave-in, shea moisture, etc). These are just my suggestions to you." 

 "I don't have a weave, and I itch uncontrollably too. Dandruff shampoo helps some, but not for long. :/. Very annoying."

(So, don't go wasting your money stocking up on dandruff shampoos!)

"At the beginning of my transition I use to get really bad itching in my scalp. I started doing weekly hot oil treatments with either jojoba oil or coconut oil. So far my dry/itchy scalp issues have been reduced. Using a mild shampoo or shampoo bar also helps keep your scalp/hair retain moisture and remain clean."

(Just so you know, I do not advice people to use shampoo bars. Shampoos, maybe, but a shampoo bar, no. I believe it dries out the hair more than you'll actually notice, it strips of all essential oils, clogs the pores...)

"For the itchy scalp olive oil works nicely and for the dry hair deep conditioning is very important. I personally deep condition once a week and if my hair gets dry throughout the week I will co-wash."

"I agree with those that said oil. My scalp itched so bad at one point and I found that using oil worked. What I do is right after I wash I take a combo of oils (olive, jojoba, coconut, castor) in a color applicator bottle (Sally's) and apply it to my scalp." 

"Depending on how light the oil is I would deem it okay to use after you wash your hair. With heavy oils I usually apply oil to my scalp and hair massage it in then. Leave on for an hour or two. Then like always I wash with a sulfate free shampoo twice to wash excess oil out." 

*Yeah, they have given advice that I'll say are okay and can help minimising (please take note of my...err....notes in bold brackets). So...I've told you what people were saying, but, what was I saying? Here it is (said on two different days):

"I'm transitioning too, I'm about 8 months in and my hair started itching this week and I honestly detest it. I researched on natural things I can use to stop the itching and one that worked for me for two days was lemon juice and olive oil. So, all I did was squeeze out the juice of half a lemon, add some olive oil to it and a few drops of water (for extra moisture), then I got it into parts of my hair, my hair stopped itching a few minutes after. I applied it mainly to the part of my hair that itched the most and that part hasn't itched since then. Another thing I did was to apply quite a bit of DAX Tea Tree Butter too. These helped a lot. I didn't really need to buy anything 'cause these were already in the house, but I believe none of the items I listed above should cost a lot of money."

(I said this a long time ago. I am like way past 8 months of transition. Also, I cancelled out the stuff about DAX Tea Trea Butter because it contains some ingredients now that I do not advice people to use on their hair. Also, it gives just short term results)

"Gaaah! Why didn't I share this earlier!I hope this works for you just how it did for me!
ROSEMARY OIL! Your hair is itchy, you get some rosemary oil onto those itchy bits and by the next day, voila! itching stops! It also stops dandruff that quick too. Isn't that great? I really like it now, but I don't use it as often as I use olive oil.Anyways, I make my own rosemary oil so I'm sure it's 100% natural (I like using 100% natural things...healthy). The first time I made rosemary oil, I put some dried rosemary into a clear bowl, I then added a bit of water to it and a drop of olive oil (covered the bowl) then I kept it by a window to get at least 2 days of sunshine then voila! I had oil in the bowl and it didn't look like the water, rosemary thingy it did the day I made it. Nowadays, I don't bother adding drops of olive oil to it. I just get the rosemary and water, leave it by a window for at least 2 days of sunlight and voila! My mum has asked me to make some rosemary oil for her because it works wonders with itchy scalp and it prevents dandruff.Also, a good way you can use rosemary oil is by getting it into your hair (don't bother if the leaves get in too, they'll fall come out later) and then getting some 100% natural shea butter into your hair too. You can mix them together and get it in all at once, but when I use SB too, I get the RO in first then the SB.
Hope this works for you too! "

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Rosemary oil is still at the top of my list for the best thing to stop this itchy scalp issue. My mum likes me making some rosemary oil for her because when she has itchy scalp, it stops it within minutes and her scalp doesn't itch again for a really long time (I'm not talking about minutes, hours, or days, I'm talking about longer than that). My hair loves rosemary oil, I might add.
Okay! so, something else about rosemary oil: it is an essential oil, it prevents and stops dandruff and it also stimulates/promotes natural hair growth. Seriously, that is like totally true. I can make a lengthy review of rosemary oil if you want me to (and you know, I can type some pretty lengthy things).

Hope this helps you!
God bless,

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