Monday, January 16, 2012

My Dilemma x_X

This sucks.

Okay! so I needed to braid my hair because I didn't really like having to manipulate/touch/style it daily. So, because I couldn't go to the hair salon where I like getting my hair braided (there's a lady there that actually listens to me when I talk about how I comb my hair and so on), well, my mum had to braid my hair for me. I was going to wait till I could get to the salon, but like my dad was getting upset because I had to detangle my hair, comb it, when it's humid, it get's huge and he doesn't like me having a scarf on everyday. So, today, I combed my hair out then tied a scarf round my head and pushed it up so it was like a head band. My hair was alright, but then my mum was like, "I'm going to braid your hair," my dad was like, "yes," agreeing with her. Both of them don't know jack about hair! My parents think CG is gross, my dad called me a 'dirty girl' and some hurtful things because I went CG. My parents believe that deep conditioning is like feeding your hair, it's nonsense and there's no point to it (they also think it'll make your hair fall out. Another thing is, my parents don't believe in detangling your hair from the ends up to the roots.

Now, that's what I have to talk about. MY DILEMMA. My mum told me to shut up, smacked my hand with a comb and so on because I told her not to comb my hair from the roots down to the ends. That's not the only problem, my mum combed my hair with a rat tail comb! Yes! a rat tail comb! When she was getting my hair done, I gave her a comb, you know the kind with like three rat tail thingies at the end, a wide tooth side and a not so wide toothed other side. Okay! so she was like, "do you still have the blue comb (rat tail) that you lent your dad yesterday?" I said, "yes" and she was like, "can I have it." (not a question). I gave it to her and yup! you can guess what she did. She combed my big hair, not in sections, I might add with a rat tail comb and she combed it from the roots to the ends. I was in pain and she didn't care. She was like, "I warned you when you said you wanted to start this natural hair thing," and she was also like, "I can't believe I'm touching your hair. This hair that you don't wash!" I was like, "I wash it, but I only wash it with shampoo once a month." She did not care. She still called it gross. So...I managed to keep some of the hair lost before my mum was finished braiding a quarter of my hair. I'm going to take a pic and put it up here.*sigh* I hate having to go through this. I've lost so much hair. I'll add that I also do not like how she flat braided my hair. It's terrible, hideous, tight (and hurts, I can't move my head fully), who thinks of doing such a thing to someone's hair? *sigh*

(most of the straight bits here or the ones with like super tiny curls in them are relaxed hair (I have/had about a little less than an inch of relaxed hair at some of my ends)


If this has ever happened to you, just know, you are not alone. It still upsets me, how much hair I've lost. When mum was finally done, there was hair on the floor, hair on the pillow I was sitting on, hair all over my shirt (and some on my shorts), hair on the chair she was sitting on and well...the in the comb. x_X

And this is..... my dilemma.
*heavy sigh*


  1. We all went through it....You gotta just be on top of your hair so there's no need for anyone else to have to "help" you out LOL. You know how your parents like to see it, so make sure you do it the way they like, but do it yourself (that way you'll detangle it patiently and safely)

  2. My dad hates twist outs, braid outs and bantu knot outs, but he doesn't mind me wearing an afro (but not everyday). He does like me flat braiding my hair, he likes African hair styles (well...he's a full African, so that's understandable) so, he's alright with the idea of me doing African Threading (aka Ghana Plaits: , He also doesn't like me box or micro braiding my hair with extensions, but he can handle that. *sigh* So, I don't have many options.
    If I could, I'll be braiding my hair myself, but I'm not very neat with that especially because I can't see the back of my head. *sigh*
    I did meet lady at the hair salon my mum goes to and like she's the only one there that I allow to touch my hair because she combs and detangles it how I want, she doesn't comb or braid my hair dry, she doesn't pull at it and she keeps natural ingredients to use on my hair instead of me having to bring the ones I have at home :) Next time, I'm going to insist on going to her.
    Today, I watched my mum take down her box braids (that she had for quite a long time) and then she was like detangling her hair. My mum has been wanting to re-relaxing her for a while now. Anyways, she had about an inch of natural hair in and like when she was detangling, with the knots and tangles in her hair she like...I have pics of it. It was scary, my mum pulled a comb through her hair from the roots up. She was like, "this is why I don't want to keep my natural hair." I was like, "I can show you how to detangle your hair better," she didn't care and like...well...she yanked out so much of her hair. I was just so tempted to take pics of it (she knows I did that) so, like people can see the results of combing or detangling their hair like that.

    Anyways, thanks for the advice. Whenever I take my hair down, I'll try practising braiding my hair (esp. the back area) myself till I'm good at it. :) If I don't want to lose hair like this, I've gotta make sure there's no reason for me to lose hair like this :)