Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bumps on scalp!

Okay! so, my mum braided my hair on Monday, and today's Wednesday. Today, I noticed some bumps on my scalp. I remember my mum pulled at my hair like crazy and some of the braids felt tight so, that's what caused this. This happening has led me to decide to talk to you guys today about bumps on your scalp. Ooooh
So, I hope this helps somebody! :) Here we go!

Bumps on scalp are usually made to appear by having tight braids. People braid hair tightly for various reasons like, to have the style last for a long period of time (which many of us want because we don't like manipulating our hair often. I don't like my braids to be tight though). The tight tension for tight braids isn't good for your hair, hairline and scalp. A problem that many people who get their hair braided face is 'traction alopecia.' According to, "traction alopecia is a condition where constant pulling and tension on an area of the hair results in thinning, breakage and/or hair loss. This is commonly seen in women and children who braid the hair too tightly (particularly at the hairline) or wear the same style over extended periods of time, not allowing
the scalp and hair follicles to "rest." "  A way to avoid traction alopecia is to stop getting hairstyles that hurt (or letting your hair be put up tightly). Buns, ponytails, weaves and braids are common hair styles that people love doing, but they shouldn't cause any pain. If your hairstyle hurts, it means that your follicles are being tugged at or pulled beyond what's safe for them and we all know that once follicles die, there's no resurrection, no bringing them back to life. If you're experiencing bumps on your scalp or your head or scalp
hurts after getting a hairstyle done, here are some things you can do about that:
  • Use water to loosen up your hair: As you shower, let the water run over your hair. Sometimes, you'll need to scrub a little with your fingers to loosen the braids a little. And remember, don't be concerned about how much time it took you to do that style or how much money you paid for it because what's really important now is loosening up those tight braids and saving your hairline..
  • Do not return to someone who braids your hair tight: Some people just normally or for some crazy reason, braid hair tight. This should tell you that those people don't really care about the health of your scalp or they care more about the money they get.
And finally, you can do what I just did and...
  • ...Remove them: Remove the braids that are causing bumps to pop out on your scalp. Those bumps appearing is not normal and like I said above, it can lead to hair loss (or in other words, traction alopecia), especially if you have a habit of wearing tight braid styles or braiding your hair the same way often. If your hair hurts when it's being braided, kindly ask the braider to loosen up on it or to restart the braid and not so tight. It's better for it to be done once and for all there than for you to go home suffering from your head hurting and bumps on your scalp.
I didn't loosen all my braids because the bumps on my scalp are just around the endings of the braids so I just removed the braids up to a certain extent and I am planning on braiding them back after a few minutes, but loosely so my hair can recover from this pull.

Don't let braids damage your hair, think about your hair's health and consider it all the way. Try your best to prevent the possibilities of you getting traction alopecia (or severe hair loss due to tight braids that cause bumps)

I hope this has helped somebody (or will help somebody).
Thanks for reading!
~Sam :)


  1. Thanks for the advice :)

  2. Wait but every time I get my hair braided my head hurts.It always hurts when I get my hair braided since I have a sensitive head.So are you saying that if I tell then to braid my hair looser my head won't hurt when it's done.

  3. Wait but every time I get my hair braided my head hurts.It always hurts when I get my hair braided since I have a sensitive head.So are you saying that if I tell then to braid my hair looser my head won't hurt when it's done.

    1. It won't hurt when it's done or it'll hurt WAY less.
      My mum has a super sensitive scalp that ends up bright red and hurting when she gets her hair done at a salon. Whenever she braids her hair and it's done looser, it doesn't hurt or hurts less.

  4. So basically braids a s a protective style can end up doing more damage? I'm taking my braids down now because I have bumps all over my edges and temple

    1. Yes, it can do more damage, but that mainly depends on how the braids are installed and how often you get your hair braided or manipulate the braids.
      If you are exoeriencing bumps, take down your braids ASAP and let your scalp rest snd recover.

  5. Wow..see I knew it was too tight. I just got a sew in and it was hurting bad. Which I don't understand why she braided so tight. When she did my crotchets, she braided it perfectly. Now I might have to take this style down. Smh

  6. im so mad right now. I know I have to take this hair down but if my hair follicles die im legit going to go off on my mum's hair dresser. as if having 4c NATURAL hair is hard enough kmt