Sunday, January 15, 2012

One of my worst hair salon experiences. What's yours?

Okay! so some of us have had terrible salon experiences. Here's one of mine:

Okay! so ever since I cut my hair 5 years ago, I haven't been able to grow it longer than shoulder length (I made terrible choices that's why). So, when my hair was finally growing out and it was at my back, I went to the hairdressers. I was flipping through a mag then I heard a snipping sound, I looked up and this guy that worked there had snipped off quite a lot of my hair!! I was like, "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!?!?!" Turns out he thought he was to cut my hair, it was terrible. I felt like crying. This happened on Sept. 7th 2010 (I remember..oh! and I had relaxed hair then). From then, till around summer of 2011, I hadn't been able to grow my hair out longer than a cm past the bottom of my neck. It was sooo upsetting.

Yeeeaaah, I'll tell you another one that happened at that same hair salon: 

Okay! so, I had extensions in and they were braided (with my hair) braids, I think. So, I didn't have time to take them out at home, but I needed to take them all out before the next day. So...I went to the hair dressers and a lady there who was new (first day seeing her) offered to help me out. At first she tugged (that's a nice word for 'pulled') at my hair a bit while taking them out. She apparently picked up a pair of scissors and the owner of the hair salon noticed and told her not to cut my extensions because she didn't know my actual hair length (plus, I believe I was already transitioning then). Anyways, I started watching a movie (I believe it was an episode of Vampire Diaries Season 2) on my laptop and after a while, I heard a snippy sound and my hair felt lighter, I looked up and voila! she had cut my extensions! hair :| *sigh* I was like, "ohmigosh! what did you do!" and she was like, "I didn't cut your hair!" Already defensive before I accused her (sign of being guilty). Her boss overheard when I exclaimed, turned, saw my hair and started yelling at the lady she was like, "I told you not to cut her extensions because you don't know her hair length!" and the lady was like, "I didn't cut her hair!" So, her boss/salon owner picked up on of the cut pieces of extension/hair that had fallen, undid it a bit and yup! my hair was in it! *sigh*So, at the end of the day, I had lost over an inch of her (so, my hair was about midneck length again *sigh*) and the lady got fired.

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My bad salon experiences always ended up with me loosing hair (and me watching a movie, reading a mag, a novel or working on my laptop, I so need to pay more attention to what people do to my hair)

Wanna share? What's your bad hair salon experience? 


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  1. Hi Sam! I’ve also had a bad experience at a salon. Just like you, I love reading and relaxing when I’m having my hair done, and I tend to not pay attention to the people around me. After some time, I noticed that the hairdresser had already cut my hair to shoulder level when I only asked him to remove my split ends! The days after that were so frustrating. Every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I brooded over how much I missed my hair. But ever since that happened, I’ve always seen to it that the salon I visit would pamper me the right way. It’s good that you chose a salon that has an enthusiastic and helpful hairdresser who would gladly hear your instructions before doing anything to your hair.

    1. I agree.

      I haven't been to a salon in like 6 months, before, then, over 6 months. I find it safer not to go to a salon, but if I do head over to a salon again, I'm going to insist on a hair dresser that is ready to listen to me. If none are, I guess the owner of the salon I went to 6 months ago will get my hair done (she's got curly hair and takes care of it pretty well).

  2. Thanks for the post! If only you know how common that is for hairdressers that make mistakes when removing weaves, braids or hair extensions and the hair gets extremely matted and tangled. Then hairdresser both blames and judges the client. Is that the technique taught in cosmetology school-when a mistake is made on a client head?

    Why is it so hard for hairdressers to apologize and seek out a solution-especially if they are clueless on what to do.

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