Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review!!!! (John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Around Style-Activating Daily Conditioner)

Hey everyone!

Okay! so, I decided to do another review and this time, of an actual product - the John Frieda Frizz-Ease: Curl Around Style-Activating Daily Conditioner!

Now, what do I use this conditioner as?
I use this conditioner as a co-washing conditioner, an after shampoo conditioner and a combing conditioner.

What is a combing conditioner?
A combing conditioner is a conditioner that provides good enough slip to detangle your hair well, moisturises your hair, prevents frizz and so on. Here's an exert from Teri LaFlesh's book, CurlyLikeMe:
"Leaving conditioner in your hair coats each strand with emollients and smoothing ingredients. By leaving conditioner in your hair, you no longer need hairdressings, frizz serums, or lotions. Leaving conditioner in will transform your curls into smooth-and-defined-nongreasy-able-towithstand-humidity-wind-rain-and-moves-when-you-move-your-head curls. Also, when whole curls are clumped together, the individual hairs within those curls are shielded from damage. Instead of each lone strand being exposed to the elements, the strands will all act as a unit, where no one strand is exposed. Many strands will be completely encased in hairs, like a cocoon, therefore totally protected. This means that at any one time, the majority of your hair strands are shielded from the elements. 
Remember, growing longer, manageable hair is like knowing the combination to a lock. These techniques work together to give you healthy hair that’s weatherproof and predictable. But the lock won’t open if you use only some of the numbers, or if you don’t spin the special number twice. These techniques work only when you use them together. For example, you can use all of the conditioner in the world and buy the exact brands I suggest, but if you rinse it out, or if you don’t release and smooth your curls in some way, your hair won’t be as manageable, and it sure won’t be weatherproof. After cleansing and conditioning, the following chapter covers combing, the step that gives you the perfect canvas to showcase your stunning coils.
Leaving in conditioner will:
● Keep your curls defined
● Help give your curls weight
● Help weatherproof your hair
● Moisturize your hair 

Do you just put the conditioner in, plain, like, alone? 
I used to put it in alone (but that was like June-ish last year). Right now, I make a mix with it. I get a bowl, eyeball an amount of the conditioner into  it, add some canola oil (eyeballing the quantity too), add some homemade rosemary oil too, a bit of my kinda pH balanced/diluted leave in conditioner (leave-in conditioner and water mixed together) and a tad bit of water. I mix everything up till it looks like one thing and not a throw-in of many things. I use this on my hair and like, I totally love how it makes my hair feels!

As a co-wash, how do you use it?
Err...normally? I use it like I'd use shampoo or well, just normally.

What do you think about it?
I think it's great as a combing conditioner. As a co-washer, it's okay (not great, but not bad). It leaves my hair feeling good, but as a co-washer, it doesn't do much (for my hair. It might work wonders for others though. We all know that what works for one hair doesn't always work for another and vice versa).
When it comes to slip, if your hair is damp or partially wet and you have enough conditioner in your hair (and your hair is in sections!) it provides good enough slip. Style setting: it acts kinda like a hair gel, to like help a twist or braid out. When it dries when used as a combing conditioner, it doesn't leave your hair dry or crunchy. It actually still leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturised.

Would I keep on using this product? 
As a combing conditioner? Yes (but not EVERY day)
As a co-washing/rinsing conditioner? I don't think so. I'm into creating my own hair products now so, if I can, I'll use my homemade natural things or I'll switch to the BeeMine Botanicals line if I can't make my conditioner yet.

Would I recommend this product?
Yeah, I guess I would! :)
Combing conditioner, rinsing conditioner, I'll recommend it.
I guess it doesn't do much as a co-washer for me because I'll have to use practically a whole half or more of the bottle to actually get it to do something on my hair if I'm co-washing. This is because of my hair's nature, by the way. It's size and so on.

Hope this review helps somebody! :)

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