Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Shopping Cart

Okay! so I'm pretty young, but I'm moving out next year. So, I was going through the Curl Emporium (an online store for British Curlies), oh! and if you want to buy things for curly haired people you can go there or buy from's store.

Okay! So here's what's on my shopping cart/wish list (just checking how much they'll cost in total):

Cart ItemsQtyItem PriceItem Total
Estimate Shipping & Tax
Grand Total:£89.15
 Blue Green Algae Hair Mask 118ml 

 Tangle Teezer - Black 
 Coconut Lemongrass Transition Creme 8oz 
 Satin Edge Bonnet Black 
 No Slip Hair Grips 
 Retro Headwrap Orange Flashed Purple 
 4mm No Damage Elastics 
 Denman No Damage Mixed Head Wraps Black 
 Curl Refresh Spray Bottle Red 
 Denman Oval No Slip Clips 
 Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner 11oz 
 KBB Heavenly Jojoba Hair Oil 200ml 
 GVN Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo 250ml 
 Shea Butter Curl Moisturising Cream 8oz 
 Anita Grant Virgin Mango Butter Coconut Whip 3.5oz 

* After this bill, I'll just need to pay about say £20 about every few months to get replacements on my conditioner and shampoo (sulphate free, by the way. I'm quitting sulphates entirely) and maybe some things like jojoba oil, coconut oil etc, but I'll be able to get those oils for a lower price at ASDA or somewhere.

Also, I am totally considering switching to the Bee Mine Botanicals line. I call those products hair crack lol. I just might get the shampoo and conditioner on that line because I think I just might prefer them to the ones above, but I guess I'll try the Giovanni one there and then the Bee Mine Botanicals Shampoo (also sulphate free) and see which I prefer or which my hair prefers. I like the ingredients list on both, I think I prefer the Bee Mine Botanicals one, but anyways, my hair'll be the judge of that (and hopefully, none of them do any damage to my hair).

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