Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review: Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioner


That's the actual yogurt in that pic above, not the deep conditioner. Hehe!
I used that greek yogurt (and yes, it has bits of desiccated coconuts in it).
I used one full pot of it mixed with a teaspoon of honey and about 3 teaspoons of olive oil to make my deep conditioner.

My thoughts:
If you read my tweet about an hour ago, I hated this DC from the moment I put on my hair, but ever since I started rinsing it out, I have loved it!

It made my hair feel so soft and moisturised and it left my hair so shiny! :)

Would I be trying this again:
*laugh* Not in the near future! The application process is way too messy, the smell of the DC is way too nasty.
However, if I need a quick fix and I can't find anything else to DC with, I just might try this out again.

Would you recommend it:
Yes, if you don't mind the smelly smell and messy mess. Oh! and you might want to run the greek yogurt through a sieve with little holes before using it to avoid the coconut bits getting in your hair (but they came out relatively easily). Using a coconut greek yogurt was just for an extra something from the coconuts.

If I was rating with stars, how many would I give this:
4 stars
(considered giving a 3 because of that rancid smell)

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