Monday, December 16, 2013

My 3rd Year Natural (COMING SOON) + Celebration Giveaway


So, in 29 days, I will be "celebrating" my 3rd year natural! I'm sure you noticed the celebrating was in quotation marks. It's going to be a Monday, I'm going to be in school and my first class of the day is not one I'm fond of. So, this celebration is going to be on the inside and basically, after school (dancing and smiling like a crazy person to myself in the comfort of my bedroom or if I want to scare people, in the hallway). Unfortunately, I won't be able to blog on that day so, I'll blog about it in February.

Anyways, for my 3rd nanniversary, I am going to host a little giveaway. Now, now, don't get your hopes up, I'm not giving out free products. You see, this was not expected, but I wasn't able to do what I planned to with my eBooks (if you read earlier posts, you'll know what I'm talking about here). So, to celebrate my 3rd year, I am going to give free copies of my eBooks to three lovely people. All you have to do is:

  • Create a lovely new banner for this blog and send it to me using the info on the Contact page on this blog
  • Follow my twitter page and tweet to me (so I know you're in on this)
  • Comment on this post saying, 'I'm in,' or comment on any blog post with a serious comment, not an 'I'm in'
  • Advertise my blog somewhere and send me a screen shot of it using the info on the Contact page on this blog
  • Write an article for me to feature on my blog and send it to me using the info on the Contact page on this blog
You don't have to do all five, you could do one.

Okay! so, here's the thing, the person who does a banner stands a higher chance of getting the 1st prize than anyone else. The person who writes an article to be featured stands a higher chance of getting a 1st or 2nd prize than anyone else. The person who does all 4 stands a much greater chance of getting the 1st prize than anyone else who participates in this (even those who do the banner).

1st prize
All my eBooks + your blog or youtube channel advertised on my blog + an interview with you uploaded on this blog

2nd prize
All my eBooks

3rd prize (Randomly chosen winner)
One of my eBooks (randomly picked)

This is open now and will be closing on the 31st of January (I'll wait till it's the 31st in all American states before it closes because most of my readers are from the States and my time is ahead of theirs SHOUT OUT TO MY READERS IN THE STATES).

I will write a blog post with the names/usernames of the winners sometime in February. If you sent me anything using the info on the Contacts page and you are one of the winners, I'll contact you via email. If you followed me on twitter, I will follow you back and send you a direct message to know where to send the eBook. Other winners will be asked to contact me via the Contacts page on here and prove their identity by basically a screen shot showing that they are logged in to the account that commented on a post or advertised my blog.

Hope you have a lovely day and a wonderful holiday (if you get one.....I hope you get one).


  1. Hi Kaka, this is Pastor Tony Esezobor. I need your eBook. I am talking to some ladies who don't believe an African can keep and grow their hair naturally. Also send me all the materials you can on anything haircare.

    1. The eBook cannot be released till the end of this giveaway, it wouldn't be fair. Even my mum hasn't seen the eBook yet, but she knows about it. I can send you materials, but till the giveaway ends, I can't send a copy of my eBook.
      I will use your comment to enter you into the giveaway.