Monday, December 16, 2013

My Considerations - Gel


So, I've been considering hair gels for about a day now. Well....yesterday, I saw my curls (just a lil bit in front - the rest of my hair is still in crochet braids) in their natural form and frizz-free too which is not usual because my hair frizzes up so fast. Anyways, I was like, okay, okay, so this is mainly 3c/4a (more 4a, though). I actually thought my hair had become 4a/4b/4c, but it hadn't. Or, maybe I have a bit of the others at other parts of my head, dunno, but my curls looked so beautiful. My cousins were here and they thought it looked amazing. So, I was like, I would love to wear my hair like this - with it's natural pattern showing so well, but my hair frizzes up before I can say my full name. I began to consider using gels. 

Now, y'all know I've had some experiences with gels. I used the Organic Root Stimulating Twist and Lock gel. It wasn't as organic as I would've wanted and right now, I pretty much hate it. I've tried the Eco Styler gel and hated how my hair felt with it on till I had rinsed off about 50% of it from my hair (and I only used really little of it in my hair). I love my homemade Aloe Vera gel, but I couldn't bring any aloe leaves with me. Also, it gives just a really light hold. I don't think it'll be strong enough to keep my curl pattern intact and frizz-free. So, I've considered flax seed gel, but I don't think I've ever seen a flax seed in my life.

So, I just looked up flaxseeds on ASDAs website 'cause I have to go shopping in a few days (got back home on Friday and there's barely any food in the house). The flaxseed there was milled so, I can't use it (it's in like a Weetabix form). However, ASDA has golden linseeds. Did you know that flaxseed and linseed are exactly the same thing? I didn't know till today. Anyways! That's a win and it's just £1.28! :) So, I'm going to try getting my hands on that and giving it a try.

Now, now, I am a tad bit nervous about gels so, I'm going to end up following a recipe (most likely Whitney's (Naptural85's)) on getting the gel from the flax/linseeds and then I'll add some coconut oil and maybe some olive oil to it. Now, I am totally about pH values of things on my hair so, I had to do a little research on the pH value of flax seed gel and it's about 6.5 which is okay, but I would've preferred it a little lower, but as long as it's not above a pH value of 7, I'm not worried.

I might add some aloe vera juice or gel to the flaxseed if I can get my hands on a 100% organic and natural one to reduce the pH a bit and because I do love my aloe vera.

Oh! and I'll add some vitamin E oil (from capsules) to it. Vitamin E capsules are £4.00 in ASDA and about £3.29 in Boots, but I'll be going to ASDA. I am yet to find a Boots that's closer to my house and not in the city centre. The Vitamin E oil is going to be used to preserve the gel. Also, I need to find a container for the gel, but I think I'm just going to recycle one. I'll have to look around this house and ask family if they have containers first, though. Then wash and "sterilise" the container before I use it.

I'll let you know when I try it and I'll make a pictorial on it.

Can't wait to try it out!!


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