Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Get the Look: Mindy McKnight

This is Mindy McKnight of Cute Girls Hairstyles. Now, I'm sure most of you have noticed that her hair's not curly. So, let me explain, I saw this do and I loved it and I know many naturally curly girls out there put their hair up buns so I thought that this would be an interesting twist instead of the regular bun.
  • Start by sectioning your hair in two by parting your hair from ear to ear.
  • Using sectioning clips, an ouchless band or something else, hold away the front section.
  • (It may be easier to flip your hair over to do this bit) French-braid your hair from the nape of your neck up to the where you sectioned your hair and braid a few inches up (off the scalp) securing the french braid with an ouchless band.
  • Untie the front section, smooth it down using a seamless comb or brush and gather the hair back and to the end of the French-braid holding it with that part in a ponytail using an ouchless band then take out the ouchless band used to secure the end of the french braid and run a comb, brush or your fingers through your pony tail.
  • Put your hair up in a bun securing it with bobby pins
  • For an even cuter twist, you could add a bow like Mindy did.
Voila! You have the look (.....only with curly hair......unless you straightened or blew it out, that is)
To spice this up a bit, a ribbon could have been added to the hair when making the french braid. For me, a shiny/glittery black or dark red ribbon would be perfect :)

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