Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why it's best to go all organic/natural with you skin and hair products.



Let me tell you a little thing about myself. I come from a family where on side is allergic to nada and the other is allergic to practically everything. I ended getting the allergies from the side that has it. Most people on that side of the family (including me) have super sensitive skin. Like regular things can burn our skin, make us break out, et cetera (I'm only going to talk about topical things here, not things we eat). Almost five years ago, I tried something I got with some birthday presents and reacted to it terribly. I ended up being at a hospital, getting a surgery, which failed (left me with even more problems), thank God, I'm finally getting my healing (my miracle). I used to have super super clear skin, like people were envious then I tried a body lotion on my face and just like that, I broke out terribly. I tried inhaling some menthol stuff on a napkin once when I had a cold (and a really stuffy nose). The napkin touched my nose and the next thing I knew, my nose felt like it was on fire (other people have tried it and haven't felt anything close to what I felt). I was an arts student back in high school and there was a day paint went on my hand and the next thing I knew, I was so itchy, my skin went red, I was reacting to it, et cetera. I'll stop listing there. 

One thing all those things listed above had in common was that they had chemicals in them. I stopped using them (and stopped with the paints once I was done with high school, but tried to make sure they never went on direct skin) and the irritations calmed down. I use all natural things on my skin (and pray, of course (for the one that had a surgery)) and they're all clearing out.

Did you know that we absorb more toxins through our skin than through what we eat? So, eating healthy doesn't really do much if we're just going to be slathering out bodies with chemicals. It's not just about being health conscious on the outside, but on the inside too.

Let me tell you something that happened to Diana (founder of Terressentials), she was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma in the 1980s. I'm pretty sure the name of what she was diagnosed with doesn't make much sense to you so, I'll break it down. It's cancer of the lymph system due to chemical exposure (synthetic substances). She nearly died from this. Thank God she's still alive and she's okay now.

You may be fine now, but it's best not to take the risk of getting diagnosed with something that could almost take your life or reacting to things that could make you end up in a hospital getting a surgery or just feel uncomfortable. It's not worth it.

Many synthetic substances, especially the ones used on the hair, give the image of a healthier, more radiant you and yes, you may get that image, but underneath it all, you won't have it. It's like many synthetic substances. They coat the hair to make it appear healthy when it actually isn't. It's like getting a washed up, wrinkled cardboard box and sticking some wrapping paper over it to make it look good. Underneath that wrapping paper, the box is still not in a very good state and could give way. It's like getting a dying plant and painting all the brown leaves green to make the plant look healthy, but underneath that paint, the plant is still in a terrible condition and those leaves can and most likely will fall out and before they do, the unhealthiness might show through.

Every now and then, I wonder, how did our grandparents and ancestors survive? I see pictures of my grandmothers and I'm like, look at that beautiful, gorgeous, healthy head of hair and they have such good skin! Shampoos and a whole lot of the things we buy and use on ourselves didn't exist back then. Now that they do, and my grandmothers have purchased some of them, it's obvious that their skin and hair aren't like they used to be. My mum's mum and my dad's mum both use products with synthetic ingredients on their hair, but my mum's mum only manipulates her hair every 9 months (believe it or not) so, here hair only gets exposed to these things every nine months, but my dad's mum's hair gets exposed to these practically every week. I took down my mum's mum's weave in November and her hair (once detangled and spritzed a bit) looked, pretty good. Whenever I see my dad's  mum's hair, it doesn't look half as healthy. My mum's mum's skin, looks healthier than my dad's mum's (and my mum's side of the family is the one with the sensitive skin). My mum's mum uses more natural things on her skin than my dad's mum. Still, none of them have the skin and hair I saw in those pictures anymore. Why?

BACK IN THE DAYS, when synthetic skin and hair products didn't exist, people used all natural things on their skin and hair and they looked so good!

Indians, most of them are into ayurveda and look how healthy and super long their hair is!

I believe God gave us these natural things for a purpose - health and wellbeing. They're a gift to us.

I am switching up my hair products again not just because some were discontinued, but because I noticed one chemical in them and I also noticed that my hair felt much better just using amla to cleanse it than using a sulfate-free shampoo. Amla's all natural and the shampoo had a chemical in it. I'm switching up my skin care products too because....well, all I basically use on my skin nowadays is a shower/bath gel and deodorants only when I have to leave the house and I'll be out for long (I'm currently in a hot country and I rarely leave my house). Deo's rarely 'cause I react to them (Sure, Dove, Nivea, you name it). 

I have found an online store (there are physical stores of it too, but they're in America and I don't live there) that sells hair and skin products with only natural ingredients (I've checked out their ingredients lists). I won't mention their name so you don't think I'm being paid to advertise them, but if you contact me, I can tell you. I have read reviews of their products, deodorants, hair washes.... all good.

Anyways, the key to a healthier you in a healthier lifestyle on the inside and on the out.

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