Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Product Reviews *info*

Hello everyone,

So, I'm up for product reviews. Here's how it's going to work:

1. You can recommend products for me to review or send products to me to review. If you are sending a product, please send only a trail size bottle of the product. Something small, especially if the product isn't all natural.

2. When products aren't fully natural, I only test them out on my nape hair. I've grown my nape hair past my neck now, so, that's enough hair I'm willing to work with for products with synthetic ingredients.

3. I'm okay with you sending messages to companies to send me a bottle of their products to review.

4. My reviews are going to be honest. If a brand sends me a product to review, I try out the product and my hair hates it, I'm going to write my review and say what results I got, honestly. However, I will always include what I say in all my reviews, "remember, what works for one person doesn't necessarily have to work for another."

5. You can send me products you've made, even those you want to sell to do a private review of. I will send you a private review and when you start selling the product (if that's your intention) you can ask me to make the review public.

6. If you want to send me a product to review (not recommend, but actually send the product), send me an email using the email in the 'Contact' page on this blog. Once you do, I'll send you my mailing address. You have to go through this process because I do not want to just make my mailing address public on here for whoever to see.

7. I can do a review on hair tools too as long as they do not produce heat (excluding hair steamers).

8. I might be able to do reviews of hair salons as long as they're in the south coast area of England. I am based in London now, but I will still be back to Southampton every few months. I doubt I'll be back in Nigeria any time soon (it might be YEARS) before I visit there so,  I'll post if I'm ever visiting Nigeria to let any of the Nigerian curlies out there know that they can ask me to visit a hair salon and write a review of it. Please note that the hair salon, in Nigeria has to be in Lagos and the closer to the islands, the better. *You do not need to send money to me to pay for whatever I do with my hair. I'll cover all the costs for that.

9. I am not reviewing things for thinning out the hair because i'm not interested in thinning out my hair. However, I dust my ends so hair shears are accepted.

Thanks for reading.

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