Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hair Crush: Yara Shahidi

You know her, you love her, she's Yara Shahidi!

Oh my days, isn't she so cute!

She was in Imagine That and Salt, if you were wondering where you might've seen her.

I love her hair. It's so beautiful!

Okay! So, to achieve this look, ensure your hair is properly detangled and stretchedpart your hair making something like the top three blades of a fan or one of those kiddies wind mills (make sure the parts are curved), the third one being just beside the middle of your hair. Next, make random, but neat sections in the hair and make medium-sized box braids throughout your head of hair, but only braiding about an inch of your hair (make sure you don't cover up those three parts you made earlier). After that, work some shea butter, or a light gel into your hair (or just spritz your hair lightly with some water (don't spray enough to make your hair revert) and wrap the hair that was left out (the rest of the braided hair) round flex rods. Once your hair is dry or has fully set (about an hour or two), take down the flexi rods. Move your hair so it lies in a way that it flows downwards towards your back and at the front, hold the hair after the first and second blades you created and about one or two behind them in a small pony tail holder wrapping a thin piece of braided hair round it or just old it off with a piece of braided hair (forget the ponytail holder) and then hold off a few on the opposite side of your hair (after the third braid). Make sure your hair still flows down towards your back (and not your face).
Slick down your edges and.....

.....Voila! that's it! 

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