Monday, August 5, 2013

New things I've learnt during my journey


Okay! so, during my journey, I've noticed that when I am trying to grow my hair out like I'm setting  my mind on that goal, I don't notice any hair growth. However, when I'm just working towards healthier hair and I don't really bother myself about my length, when I do, randomly hand-stretch my hair or style it, it is obviously longer (and looks better).

I believe everyone's goal should be healthy hair and not hair growth. The thing is, the health of your hair is essential when it comes to hair growth. Unhealthy hair will not prosper unless you have some miracle to keep that hair intact, but it still will not look that good. Close your eyes and picture these (okay! don't close your eyes, you can't possibly read this if your eyes are close!), BSL, stupidly unhealthy hair and BSL, amazingly healthy hair. Which would you prefer? The healthier hair, of course. If you manage to grow out your hair and it is very unhealthy, you could lose that hair to breakage as the hair goes because their would be more weight than the fragile, weak hair strands can hold. Also, if you keep  watching your hair for growth, you won't notice it. It's like looking at your sibling everyday or staring at a tree everyday. Would you notice it's growth? No.

Okay! moving on! I've learnt that the roll, tuck and pin is like the best out-ish protective style ever. The last time I took down my hair, I did it. I took down my hair again this weekend and did it again and the thing is, I have a whole lot of versatility with this. Roll, tuck and pin with the hair looking like cornrows, roll, tuck and pin with the hair holding your hair up in a retro style, tuck, roll and pin giving yourself any classy and professional hairstyle, and you don't even have to comb your hair to do it! I've done it on twist-outs and I've done it on braid-outs and comb-outs and it always looks spot-on. Amazing. Majority of my ends are protected in this styles and if I decide to roll, tuck and pin, hiding my ends, all my ends are protected! Also, majority of your hair is protected in this hairstyle and it can last all day and you won't have to move hair out of your face or have much hair around that you could possible twirl between your fingers, embrace your hand-in-hair syndrome with, oh! and the best part! The amount of people who reach in and grab your hair falls drastically because your hair's not all-that out. People would still be curious about the texture, if the hair is real, but what are they going to get a hold of? This style is amazing with length retention. Oh! and I've slept with my hair in it, woken up and my hair was just fine! I just loosely twisted the bit of hair I left untucked and pinned in the style, loosely tied a satin scarf over my hair and secured it with a head band round my head (so the scarf doesn't slip off). Woke up, took down the scarf, untwisted, separated the hair that was in the twists and voila! Just as good, if not better, than before I slept.

I have decided to go easy on the sulfate-free shampoos. Like, I'm not going to purchase as many bottles this year, I'm going to opt for co-washing and amla, if I have build up and if I can't wait with the amla application process or something, then, I will use my sulfate-free shampoo. My conditioner has been discontinued (:() So, I'm going to try out Karen's Body Beautiful. However, if you could recommend a good conditioner for me, I'll be grateful. Just leave a comment with it's name below. Oh! and I prefer to use all natural/organic products.

I am back on my beloved Aloe Vera Gel and loving it! Because of its pH value, my cuticles lie flat, my hair holds moisture, looks good, holds styles and looks healthier in general and I do not get even the whiff of stiffness, crunchiness or dryness from it. I got the aloe vera gel from an aloe vera leaf from the aloe vera plant at my grandmother's house. I extracted the gel and mashed it up with a fork breaking it up, put in a few drops of my newly made, homemade rosemary oil (another thing I'm revisiting) and chucked it into the fridge (in a bowl, of course).

Oh! yeah, I learnt to be pH conscious! :) That covers the aloe.

Another thing I've learnt is that my mixtress days were good. I'm going back to making my hair products (apart from the shampoo and rinsing conditioner) and I'm making them now 'cause I don't want to be stressed out and not have time to do them when I move out.

Okay! so that's it!

Oh! and also, the longer I go without combing my hair (including finger combing), the better and if I do need to comb my hair, the longer I go without using a wide toothed comb or any other comb or brush, the better.

Save the strands!
Make the hair healthier!
And every big day is going to be a day with longer hair! (if you know, what I mean....umm....okay)

Bye, for now!


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