Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hair Crush: Danièle Watts

Danièle in Django
I watched Django yesterday and like there was no way I could not have noticed Danièle's hair. It's amazing! Gorgeous! Looks great! Oh, my days!To achieve this look, for all you curlies who want to try it out:
  • Ensure your hair is fully detangled, moisturised and stretched (with a (flat) twist out for best results).
  • Comb and pick your hair out into a gorgeous, big afro then hold up in a puff. Use knee-high's to create the puff so you can control how tight your hair is held up.
  • Smooth a butter (could be a shea butter mix) or a light gel (could be aloe vera gel) over the part of the hair that's held down to achieve the puff. Smooth it in an upward motion (moving up the puff) making sure you get your edges to lie flat.
  • You could use the side-edge of denman brush or a comb to help give your edges that slicked-back look without creating tension on your hair.
  • Get a big, simple bow and pin it right infront of your puff.
Voila! and there you have it! Danièle's gorgeous updo! :)

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