Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mini Twisted My Hair


Hi everyone,

Happy wear your hair curly day! Unfortunately, though my hair stayed in it's natural state, it wasn't "out" all day.

Anyways, as you read above, I got my hair mini twisted today, It took just about an hour - an hour and a half, I guess that's 'cause they lady twisting it up for me today at the hair salon was shuffling between sewing in someone's weave and twisting up my hair.

I detangled, deep conditioned, cleansed (with amla), conditioned, did another deep condition (2 days after wash day, but not a DC that necessarily needed to be washed out), stretched, ensured my hair was tangle free, kept it in a style to keep it stretched and tangle-free and headed to the salon (best thing to do before having someone twist you hair or style it any ways for you) and guess what happened once I got to the salon, lady landed with a spray bottle and before I knew it, half of my head of hair was damp (wasn't looking when she came) and of course, it reverted. I was like, "Sam, stay calm, half has reverted, let her just make everything revert so the twists look the same and then you can stretch. She went through my hair with a comb after getting it damp and only very little hair got on the comb (really little shed hair). I guess she remembered that the last time I was there (quite a long time ago), I asked her not to comb my hair dry if she wanted the comb to easily get through. I brought latest hair product along (if you've been following my tweets, you'll know that I made a new product on Monday) and I was glad when she thought of sealing in the moisture with that. Afterwards, she started talking in an African language and sometimes switching to English (not talking to me) about how soft the product made my hair and that the lady twisting my mum's hair (with extensions) should use it on my mum's hair to soften it up (also, the owner of the salon's sister liked the product, I gave her to take a look at it). The lady began mini twisting my hair and didn't touch that comb again (oh! and she used my wide tooth shower comb when she went through my hair earlier with a comb (while, after telling not to by my mum, the lady working on her own hair combed her hair with the teeth of a really tightly spaced rat tail comb and yes, my mum lost some hair (and she detangled this morning - comb pulled out her hair))). She finished it up and then I held my hear in something like a low bun with some parts bobby pinned backwards (to stretch a bit). I

I got home and after supper, I got my homemade aloe vera gel out of the fridge, got some out and rubbed it between my palms, flipped my hair over, raked and smoothed the gel over my hair, got some more out and repeated this process with my hair not flipped over anymore then I scrunched some more gel in. I held my hair in something like a bun around the crown area of my head (like a pineapple without the ends sticking out) and bobby pinned the flat parts of my twists down and hand stretched the few that didn't stay up with the rest holding them in place with bobby pins. 

I'm going to keep my hair in this stretching state for some days, maybe even during my flight to England this weekend (I don't really like having to do anything to my hair in planes and I'm going via Qatar Airways (so, I leave sometime in the afternoon on one day and arrive during the evening of the next day 'cause of the stop in Doha). Max., I'll refresh my twists when I wake up or before I leave the plane, but I'm not taking them down. I'll keep them up as much as possible to not have to manipulate. Somedays, I might take it down and work on the versatility of my twists (style it in a new way), but I'm going to manipulate them as little as possible so they can last till mid-September at least (I might get them redone in October (when I can get down to my aunt's place and she's free) just as a low-manipulation protective style).

My twists look good, I'm really happy with them. The last twists I did, while I was transitioning didn't look good and my dad asked me to head back to the hair salon the day after I got it done (once I got home) and get it all taken down and done up in something else (which ended up being cornrows/flat-braids). He's seen my hair today and he doesn't hate it like he hated the twists I had in back then (back in the days..... :) ).

Oh! and yes! I whipped my hair back and forth!  I whip my twists back and forth, I whip my twists back and forth..... 

 Just whip it, whip it real good. 


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