Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Ironic? (Something that happened today)

Hey everyone! :), I was in the arts dept. at my school when a girl and I noticed some crafts sticks. She was like, "ooh, these are ice cream sticks," I was like, "no, they're craft sticks," she was like, "no, they're the things that are used for relaxers," and I was like, "no, they're craft sticks" and she was like, "how would you know? You don't even have relaxed hair." Oh my, my, my.....

First of all, the pack with the sticks said, "craft stick," and I have had a relaxer before, many relaxers so I keep wondering why people think I'm so clueless about relaxers. Is it 'cause I'm natural and loving it, right now? :)

I have had many people make comments that seem like I'm the last person anyone should think knows a thing about relaxed hair and having relaxed hair. I've only been natural for two years and two days for crying out loud! I got my first relaxer when I was little (around 8 or 9). I had a relaxer about every 6 months since then till shortly before my 14th birthday. I know what a relaxer is, what it does, how it feels, it smells (a smell I definitely do not miss).

Natural doesn't mean clueless. Relaxed doesn't mean superior. I know so much about hair, I've learned so much about hair that I'm not as clueless about hair types and processed hair as everyone thinks I am before I say a thing.

I still find it really funny though. :)

If you were ever relaxed, has anyone ever said anything to you to make it seem like you don't know a thing about relaxed hair?

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