Monday, January 14, 2013



Haha! Oh my days, it's been two years now since I decided I was going and staying natural. I'm so happy!! :)

Wanna know what I'm going to do for my hair this year? Invest in some hair shears! hah. I really need to. i've got to pamper this baby!

Since i started transitioning, my curls have gotten smaller and smaller and my shrinkage is like SO BAD! I have curls that are all type 4s now. They're pretty cool. Some are in spirals, some in s-shapes and some in z-shapes, some even have all the different curl shapes in them. Cool!

My hair feels good and soft and like, I love it. I have got to treat my hair to an Avocado DC soon, though or i might just opt for a palm oil DC, but that's so hard  to wash out. It works wonders, but that washing process is just my problem. I'm also planning on quitting swimming to prevent a drying effect on my hair and I'm trying to be less stressed and to eat and sleep better all for my hair. I'm back on taking vitamins and i might just go back to biotin and stuff, dunno, maybe not now. Y'all still remember  my goal: BSL by June (or as close as possible to BSL. Maybe APL).

I have some good news! My mum's transitioning! She has about 4 months of new growth! She's transitioning with twists (with extension). She's taken down the old ones and gotten new ones installed. She's keeping them in till Feb or Mar, not sure. Here's more good news: if you remember what happened around this time last year, you'll remember birthday's next Wednesday. Woohoo! and here's a little more good news. Wait for it, wait for it...... SAMMYWITHTHEBIGHAIR IS OFFICIALLY 1 YEAR OLD! How time flies! I didn't even realise!

Thank you all for reading and following my blog. I am really grateful for that. I check my audience stuff and out people from various parts of the USA, the UK, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bahamas, Kenya, India, Germany, etc, are checking out my blog and that makes me smile. SHOUT OUT TO YOU GUYS! *Sammy shouts!* Haha!
I'm just so happy!

Thank you again, everyone!
Love you, guys!

p.s I'm thinking of making a letters to my mum section of this blog. It will totally be controlled by you guys. Y'all will go over to the contacts tab above and send me an email addressed to 'Sammy's Mum' in that email, you will talk about how amazing natural hair is and you'll give her tips and trick on natural hair and hair style idea, both formal and casual, pictures and vids are allowed. All what you send will be put up in that section and if you wish to remain anonymous, that's fine. We need to convince her not to go back to the relaxers.
I was going to write a book. You know, one of those 2 sided books. One side would've been called, 'SammyWithTheBigHair: My journey and the A-Zs of curly hair' and the other side would've been called, 'Stubborn Like My Mother: how to care for your relaxed hair,' Now that mater's going natural, I guess I'll just call that side, "Stubborn Like My Mother Used To Be" :)

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