Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm considering a couple of things....
  1. Changing my regimen (tweaking it a bit)
  2. African Threading (ghana plaiting) for at least two weeks (I would've flat braided part of my hair, though)
  3. Keeping in styles longer and learning to wash better with braids or twists in.
  4. Flat braiding only up to the middle of my head ('cause the back feels a bit thinner than everywhere else so, I want to give it some rest and let it thicken up and grow out)
  5. Going back to being a mixtress - partially
  6. Creating a new signature style
  7. Getting some 'certain' hair things
  8. Creating a hair shopping list for myself so I have everything set for Sept. when I won't be living with my fam anymore.

Keeping styles longer and the African threading are at the top of my last. I guess they'll help me with my growth challenge.

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