Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm Tired.....


I'm getting bored and tired with my hair. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely still love my hair, but I've been so stressed out and sleep deprived. This last year of HS has been horrid. So much homework, so much studying to do, I'm up till midnight, 1am or 2am doing homework....on Friday night, sometimes, I forget to DC and when I remember, whip up my DC and get it into my hair, it's some odd hour of the morning and I've got to be up to study early the next day. *sigh*
I cut my hair last week. I got fed up with the single-strand knots and few spilts and my stylist....she won't  cut my hair. So, I was like, "I've had enough!" I washed my hair at night on Sat (I usually wash in the morning, but I forgot to DC and I was so busy). After the wash, I was like, "it has got to go!" and cut off a bit of my hair (less than an inch, though). My hair feels much better now.
I'm worried about dry scalp and my hair breaking and stuff and my length not really showing, I'm worried that I won't reach my goal or anything near it by June so, I've started this new thing of wearing in flat braids and twists (flat braids till hair lifts off the scalp then twists to the end) and keeping them in for as long as possible, but I feel like washing my hair! I have done a light co-wash, but still.... By the way, I keep my hair looking neat when there are flyaways by getting some BeeMine BeeHold Curly Butter onto my hair then tying a scarf down on it and sleeping with it. By the next morning, my hair looks as good as new.
I don't have the time to moisturise daily and stuff and I can't seem to find a good spray bottle anywhere so it's not like I can make some moisturising spritz or whatever. I can try finding a spray bottle again no matter how tiny, I don't know, if I have the time, whip up something and put in it and leave in my locker at school and on my table at home.
I just remembered that I made a batch of rosemary extract and oil over a month ago.....x_X (don't worry, it doesn't go bad quickly).

I'm not going to go back to relaxing or texturising my hair, but I'm just tired and stressed out! (*sigh*)
What should I do?

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