Monday, December 24, 2012

Natural Hair

Game Show Host: What is natural hair?
Contestant: Natural hair is hair that has not been blown-out, dyed or colour treated, relaxed, texturised (texlaxed), doesn’t have any form or extensions in it and has been flat ironed.
In my honest opinion, natural hair is hair that hasn’t undergone a structural alteration with the use of chemicals. If curly, straight, wavy, kinky hair or a mixture of some of those normally grows out of your scalp, that’s natural hair. If your hair has been relaxed, permed or texturised (“texlaxed”) it is no longer natural because its structure has been permanently, chemically altered. I say that “if you douse your hair with water and it doesn’t turn back, even if just partially, to how it normally grows out of your head, it ain’t natural!” If your natural hair has undergone a blow-out or has been flat ironed, it is still natural. Although it’s structure has been changed (though only temporarily), you can still get your natural hair back in about a week or less, or, well, if you just douse your hair with water, like I said, it’ll turn back to its natural state showing that indeed, your hair is still natural. Heat damaged hair on the other hand is..... heat damaged hair. Yes, the structure has been permanently altered, but, not chemically so, some may argue this one out – whether to call it natural or not – I don’t know, don’t ask me. As for dyed hair (colour treated hair), I still consider it natural because your hair’s still gon’ be in the same state in which it grows out of your head, only that it’ll be a different colour.  Extensions: honestly, I find this one stupid, the whole saying that your hair’s not natural if you’ve got extensions in, but, honey, once you take ‘em down, what’s your hair gon’ look like? Chemically altered? If you douse your hair with water (after separating clumps and possibly detangling, of course,), would it stay straight, looking like a braid out or twist out? IT’S GON’ BE IN THE SAME STATE AS THAT OF THE HAIR THAT GROWS OUT OF YOUR HEAD!

So, fortunately, this isn’t one of my super long posts where I just talk and talk and talk and talk, I’m just going to end here.
So, have fun, and spread the word!

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  1. Ahh the great divide. I've come across a few natural hair "nazi's". Quite entertaining, sometimes troubling. Great post. Hopefully it can help some confused folk. I totally agree with you on every post. I'll never understand the importance of distinguishing who's "natural" and who's not.