Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Naturally Glamorous Curly Parent!

 So, y'all know, I dish the story on how I ended up being able to interview someone. So, here it is!
I had seen this parent at my school many times and I was like, "oh my days! I love her hair!" I had mentioned many times in the car on my way home that I would so love to interview her and like, well, I procrastinate a bit some times so, well, I  never asked her if I could then one day, while my mum and I were leaving school, she was walking in and my mum stopped and talked to her a bit then told her that I'd like to interview her sometime. I know, I know, my relax-haired, not-planning-on-going-natural momma. Anyways! here's what this curly parent had to say after I sent the interview questions to her: 
(Interview questions will be put up in a link ASAP)

I actually was converted by my cousin who stays in the States. It took a year of persuasion to get me on the "natural hair" train. Initially it was a hard decision because I had really long permed hair but I got tired of chemicals constantly applied on my hair and my daughters, so on the 15th of jan 2011 we did the "Big Chop" and started from scratch.
Fortunately for myself and my daughters,we have natural curly and soft hair which makes it very easy to maintain our natural hair.
My siblings were surprised about d BC but my dad was a bit upset I cut off my hair.
I loved and enjoyed every sec of growing my hair because I always Rocked and still rock my hair with style.
I wash my hair at least once a week,sometimes once in 2/3wks depending what hair style I have on and only comb my hair when I condition,that means I can go a whole week or more without putting a comb through my hair but for my girls,I comb regularly. I always sleep in satin scarfs,this locks in the moisture.
Don't have a particular hair style,I weave,braid,twist,pack into a donut,extensions etc....I do whatever I feel like actually
In as much as the natural hair grows faster than processed hair,it also tends to break a bit too....for me and my girls,we use alot of natural oils,Shea butter,aloe essence,we use natural base products and try as much as possible to stay away from using excess heat on our hair. For natural hair,moisturising and conditioning and the keys to having a healthy hair.
For me its only a few people that actually touch my hair.
Any type of hair can be unprofessional depending on how one takes care of his or her hair. My hair texture really makes it easy for me to style any how I want so it's not really an issue for me
My girls have always loved the natural look so they are knowledgeable in everything to do wit natural hair.
My journey so far with the natural look has been fantastic and I don't see myself or my girls ever going back to processed hair.
Like I tell everyone, been natural doesn't mean you shouldn't take good care of your hair. You have to make time to moisturise and condition your hair often,you have to make sure your hair is clean and tidy all the time and most of all,you should always keep learning about the natural look and various styles you can rock with your natural hair.

I'm hoping this lady can convince my mum to go natural! :)

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