Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Current Hair Routine and My Plans for my Regimen this Summer

Hello there,

So here's a quick overview of my current hair routine:

  • I protective style (crochet braids) for about 4 months
  • I wash my hair once a week or every other week depending on how much I workout and I workout 7 times a week nowadays so washing depends on how much work I have to do and not just how often I workout so, I wash my hair when I have little to no work to do at night.
  • I detangle my crochet braids before washing and put them in twists or cocoon curls.
  • On days that my hair looks messy and I can't wash it, but I need it to be presentable,  I run my fingers through it, get sections a bit wet and put it in cocoon curls then hold it up get a sating scarf round it.
  • In the morning, if I had cocoon curls in, I take them down, separate and fluff out my hair. If I didn't have cocoon curls in, I would've had my hair in a pineapple so I just take down what's holding it up, if I have time, refresh my hair with damp hand, fluff out and walk out the door.
  • Every now and then, when I have a few minutes to myself, I moisturise with water, coconut oil, my shea butter product and Shea Moisture's Restorative Conditioner.
*The above routine is not a routine I'll recommend for anyone. I'm just getting by with it.
  • Between protective styles (when I take down my crochet braids), I deep condition with something that has protein and gives moisture, wash with my Terressentials mud wash, condition with Shea Moisture's Restorative Conditioner and seal with coconut oil.
  • I style my hair in either a bantu knot out, a fake blow-out/afro, or I wear it in its shrunken state.
  • Sometimes, I have to wash or co-wash twice during the week.

  • Detangle with tools (max.) once a week
  • Deep condition for at least an hour with a deep conditioner that contains protein.
  • Wash/Cleanse hair and scalp (with hair in medium sized twists) using Terressentials Mud Wash or BeeMine Botanicals Shampoo (sulfate-free) once a week.
  • Co-wash at least twice a week with Shea Moisture's Restorative Conditioner (washing in sections of twists).
  • Let the water soak in for a few minutes after washing then seal with coconut oil and a bit of Shea Moisture's Restorative Conditioner (used as a leave-in this time)
  • Section hair and work homemade shea butter product into each section (in a downwards motion) to hold hair and encourage clumping spritzing the hair with water prior to applying the product if needed.
  • Finger coil to further encourage clumping and let the coils air dry
  • Separate coils after they've dried and fluff out with fingers or lift and shake roots with an afro pick.
  • If finger coils don't stretch the hair out enough, twist and bantu knot (or simply just bantu know) the hair whilst damp and take down when dry.
  • For a super-stetched/almost straight look, bantu knot, take down, separate and bantu knot again then take down and pick from ends to roots with an afro pick or wide toothed comb.
  • Protective style = updos, havanna/marley twists (if possible), twists or african threading.

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