Monday, April 21, 2014

Coming Soon


So, I'm going back to school on Wednesday and that means that there'll be no new posts on here till a month after then. However, I'm going to let you know what I have planned for you when I get back on here.

Okay! So, I have what can really be defined as 'long hair' right now so I'm going to talk about my journey to this point. APL and almost past it is a good length for someone who's been natural for 3 years especially someone who lost loads of inches of hair during that time.

Other posts would be on my plans for protective styling, but not, protective styling this summer. I feel like telling you my plans now, but I'm going to keep my mouth shut (or just stop my fingers from typing it out). I'll also have a post on how I got my hair to be SO SHINY! And what I did this holiday to retain as much length as possible.

And here's what I'm itching to blog about! Some products from Midas Naturals are being sent to me to try out and review. Midas Naturals is a new natural hair care brand that's made with all-natural ingredients. I have gone through the ingredients lists of some of their products (and researched on some of the ingredients I wasn't familiar with) they seem really good. Unfortunately, because of a little thing called, 'Bank Holiday,' I haven't received the products yet (but they should be here tomorrow) so I haven't tried them out yet, but I can't wait to try them out. I am currently getting my hair back in crochet braids and I'll be taking them down this July. Once they're out, I'll try out the products.
I love my Terressentials, yeah, but I don't always have the patience for it and it costs an arm and a leg to get it down to England. I owe my brother £50 for helping me pay to get it here. Customs and stuff are crazy!  I plan on not using my Terressentials every time I wash my hair to preserve it. It'll be like a treat for my hair. My previous sulfate-free shampoo has been discontinued so I'm looking for a new one and this could be it.
So excited! So, girls and guys, if you see this brand, buy the product, I think it's going to be good!

Can't wait till next month and can't wait till school's out this summer!! :)

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