Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hair Crush: Donedo

Is that hair beautiful or what? Okay! So, how do we get this gorgeous hair style?
  • Wash, condition, detangle, moisturise and stretch out your hair (doesn't have to be 100% stretched)
  • (On slightly damp to dry hair using product, if you wish) Put your hair in medium to large twists and either roll the ends up in perm rods or make cocoons at the ends by pulling down the twist gently, placing your index or index and middle finger about an inch above the hand being used to stretch the hair, folding your hair over your finger(s) once and rolling it round above your fingers, taking your fingers out, passing the excess hair through the hole and pushing downy he top of what you've created to temporarily hold it in place.
  • Take down the perm rods, cocoons and twists and separate them then fluff them out (you could using an afro pick to pick them out).
  • Get a head band or scarf around your head and move it up till all your hair is at the crown of your head. Fluff out your hair a bit more if you wish for it to look fuller.
  • Lay down your edges with some product and/or brushing them down. And, voila!
You've got the look! You've got the look!

I love this undo! :)

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