Sunday, March 30, 2014

Exercise and Hair

Hey y'all,

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I've been doing the Insanity workout. Stuff is intense! Lord, help me! I did day 25 today so I just have 35 days to go! Yay! But it gets harder :/

Anyways, I started to think today about how exercise helps the hair? I've known the answer to this for a while now, but I don't think I've ever blogged about it:

So, here's what it does. Exercise decreases stress and we all know that stress leads to hair loss and can lead to your hair line being damaged (ain't nobody got time for that). So, by exercising, we are keeping our scalp strong and helping our hair grow out healthy. Here's another fact. Exercise promotes blood circulation and if y'all know about scalp massaging, y'all know that blood circulation in the scalp aids in hair growth. So, by exercising, we are getting our scalp healthy, promoting circulation and.... Oh! and sweating helps take out toxins from your body!

So, I'm not saying that y'all need to do the Insanity workout. Do what you can. Be it running, cardio, zumba or pilates.

I'll leave you with my most recent workout routine and my workout routine when I get back to college next month:

Most Recent:
Monday - Insanity
Tuesday - Insanity
Wednesday - Insanity
Thursday - Running, Cycling, and going on a Full Body Worker for about an hour (going at least 5km) and maybe a lil ten minutes tummy workout or pilates then Insanity
Friday - Insanity
Saturday - NOTHING! I'M FREE!! (or running after kids (not mine) like I did yesterday :/)
Sunday - Insanity

When I get back to college:
Monday - Insanity
Tuesday - Insanity
Wednesday - Insanity
Thursday - Zumba for at least an hour then Insanity
Friday - Insanity
Saturday - NOTHING! I'M FREE!! (or running after kids (not mine) like I did yesterday :/ or walking down to town for some grocery shopping or to eat out with the girls)
Sunday - Insanity

I haven't missed a day of working out since I started the Insanity workout. Try your best not to miss whatever you plan to do on whatever day to workout. Consistency is good.

Have fun and exercise!

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