Saturday, March 29, 2014

Featured: My Giveaway Winner - Sandra of HairOfLife

Below, is a post I'm featuring on here that was written by the beautiful, Sandra (Sandeey) of HairOfLife.
Y'all know I'm not big on heat and I haven't used heat on my hair in almost 3 years now. However, I am not going to say that heat is bad and a 100% no-no. If you take care of your hair properly, heat won't damage it.
Wanna know why I quit using heat?
1. I heat damaged my hair when I started transitioning and was trying to blend in textures
2. I felt that to recover well from the damage while growing out, I needed to avoid heat
3. I just wanted to know what my real texture was like 24/7 because I didn't remember what it looked like
4. I'm just too lazy to blow out or straighten my hair properly!
Anyways, here's Sandra's article. And by the way, her hair reverted back to being curly, just so you know

Hey World,

I bought the Air Styler! I couldn’t wait to try it so I made my first attempt at a blow out! I’m happy with the results. I will let the pics explain:

Last pic shows that the fun is over! All twisted up for bed.

Now I shall wait and ensure that there was no heat damage. Fingers crossed!!!

Always me,

@hairoflife on Instagram. The news gets there first!

Oh. One more pic!

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