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My Skincare Routine

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So, some people have commented on my skin and that made me decide to share with you all my routine. Well....basically with my face.

Okay! So, about a year or so ago, I ditched my Nivea body lotions (which I used to use on my face) because I started reacting to them and I also ditched my shower gels for the same reason (it was a weird time for me). I switched over to a certain brand of liquid black soap, but not long after, ditched it.

There was a time about 2 or so years ago when I used a certain product on my face and for the first time, I had a face full of zits/pimples. This made me so uncomfortable because I wasn't used to having zits and also because some people couldn't keep their mouths shut and made comments like, "what happened to your face?" "I always admired how smooth and clear your face was," and other stuff. Note that most of those people were older than I was and people talk amongst themselves. Oh! and two people who made comments like that were teachers at the school I went to back then.

Anyways, so, I had had skin discolouration for some time which was really annoying. It started with really dark bulb shapes coming from the corners of my eyes to my lower-cheek area like speech bubbles. Not fun. I rubbed honey into those parts for a few minutes then rinsed it off to try and lighten them up. I also started using fresh aloe vera gel and/or coconut oil as a skin moisturised. After some months, I started having areas of my right cheek that were WAY fairer than the rest of my face and that bothered me so much. You see, many people want to be "light-skinned" and as a toddler, I wanted to be fairer (thanks to society), but I've grown to love how I look and that fairness on those parts of my face totally freaked me out. So, I saw a GP who gave me a product and since then, I guess this is how my skincare routine has been:


  • On most days, I wash my face using my shower gel which is now Sanex 0% (used to be Original Source Mint&Tea Tree (stopped using it because I felt like going with something with less ingredients)). *I always use the pads of my fingers when washing my face and just move them in circles.
  • After getting out of the shower, I pat dry my face with a terry cloth towel and then, as usual, my face looks so dry and starts to peel (and so do my lips). This is because I have STUPIDLY DRY skin.
  • So, I walk over to a mirror with my jar of extra virgin raw coconut oil and the product the GP gave to me which happens to be ASDA's Aqueous Cream BP (the ingredients in it don't particularly thrill me, but it's what the doctor ordered).
  • I start of by gently running the nail of my index finger over my lower lip to take off the peeling skin (please note, this is not the dry lip people get from the weather or whatever), rinsing my lip and patting it dry.
  • Next, I open up the jar of coconut oil, get a little onto my index finger (rinsed, before doing this) and run it over my lip then do the whole thing all those ladies in lipstick commercials do.
  • Afterwards, I get some more coconut oil and make a line on my eyelids, the corners of my eyes and a little below my eye (from the inner corner) with my index finger then in a patting motion, move my middle finger round those areas working in the oil then I get a little more on my finger, place it near my eye and blink onto it to get some on my eyelashes and I keep blinking ensuring that I don't have solid coconut oil anywhere there then I gently move my finger over my lower lashes.
  • Okay! then I open up my jar of BP Cream and make a dot each on the two sides of my head, two on each cheek, one on each corner of my mouth, one on my nose, one between my eyebrows and one or two on my forehead then in circular motions starting from my forehead down, I work it in.
So, that's basically it!
  • However, on some days, once or twice I month, in a bowl, disposable cup or something, I mix up some sugar and oil. I used to use coconut oil for this, but I noticed that I break out on my cheeks and forehead when coconut oil goes on there so, I prefer to use a mixture of sunflower and olive oil and sometimes, I add a dash of salt to the sugar and oil mix. I work this all over my face. It sloughs away dead skin cells, cleans out the pores and lets your face breathe. After this, depending on how much time I have, I clean off the sugar and oil with a hot towel (dipped in hot water and wrung out) or I wash my face regularly (if I don't have much time). After the sugar scrub (note that I scrub my lips too), I don't really require the BP Cream or coconut oil for that day (or most of the day).

And this is basically what I do to maintain clean, clear skin! :)

Please note that I do get 1 zit toward that womanly week of the month. So I basically have about 1 zit or so a month.

Hope this helps somebody!

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