Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Protective Styling Update

Hey y'all,

So, sometime during the third week of December, I took my crotchet braids down and used all the products I reviewed between December and January. Some, I might use again. Others, never again. I liked my hair, but I seemed to miss the longer hair. Also, I didn't reach my goal of BSL, but I believe I'll get it this year.
I kinda wasn't used to having to stretch my hair overnight and prep it for bed so that was a bit of a nuisance, but it wasn't so bad.
My family (not my parents, though) saw my hair once again and said they preferred it to my extensions, loved it and thought I didn't need extensions. One my first weekend extension-free, I rocked a bantu-knot out to church and that was what I call 'my short style' because it looked like I had rather short hair, but the curls looked cute. That night or the morning after, I faked a blow-out and it looked pretty good.
On the 29th of December, I went over to my Aunt's house and reinstalled my crotchet braids (new extensions, by the way). I happened to have a scalp issue then, but it's pretty much gone now.
With my crotchet braids now, I have been more versatile than before. I recently combed out all the curls and I'm rocking a fake blow-out and the hair looks HUGE! Unfortunately, if you've been reading the paper or watching the news, you'll know that there have been storms in Somerset (where my school is) and school's still in session so, I end up looking like a freak with hair in my face, struggling to move in one direction when the wind is pushing me and my hair in a different direction and having parts of my hair revert to being curly while others are relatively straight in the process of walking (or running) to my next class.
The weather here, at home, is much better than in Somerset so all's good. Lovin' my big hair!
I wonder how long I'll protective style this time....

Talk to y'all later!

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