Sunday, July 21, 2013

My comb-free journey

So, I decided to go comb-free some time ago. Well, I actually decided to use combs less and well, not really use combs, I don't know how to explain it right now.

Anyways, for the past.....umm......2-3 weeks, I think, I haven't put a comb to my hair (I did today, though). I've had my hair in all sorts of things, messy bantu knots (messy 'cause I didn't part my hair, but rather just grabbed random pieces of hair and knotted them), flat twists and....yeah, that's it. I kept those in my hair on days I stayed at home and I actually did go out with the bantu knots a couple of times, but with them under a scarf. I've worn my hair out in flat twist-outs and I did the bantu knot out only once.

Today, I went to church with a flat twist out that I finger combed out and held in a low ponytail that I later on braided to keep stretched 'cause it was raining. I was one of the main performers (there were two of us that were the main performers) at a fundraising concert this evening and, well, I went for rehearsals with my slightly messy twist-out. When I was told to go up and change into my dress for the concert, someone made a comment about someone fixing up her hair and I just knew they were talking about me. Later on, the person whose house the concert held said something about getting someone to get my hair done up for the concert then another person said, "she doesn't need anyone, her hair's natural." I heard all this from a little room where I stood infront of a mirror taking down my bobby pins with my faithful knee high round my neck. I took down the pins and in random sections, I finally combed out my hair then held it up in a not-tight, and not made to be slick, puff and, oh. my. days! biggest puff I've ever seen! My puff was massive and beautiful! I was so impressed! And my hair felt so good. I did up my bangs to the side and everything then I stepped out and those ladies who made those comments about my hair earlier said, "I love your hair!" *smiley face!*

Going comb-free for a couple of weeks, my hair had time to grow and recover from manipulation and I lost way less hair to breakage.

My parents (finally) do not have an issue with my leaving the house in a twist-out anymore so, I can do whatever with my hair and not have to get a comb into it.

I am planning on going comb-free again for a couple of weeks, maybe till I'm in the plane heading back to the U of K. I'm considering getting mini twists done at a hair salon (I don't fancy going to salons much) next weekend and keeping it in for about 2 weeks (I think I leave in 2 weeks, not sure, I don't know the day, haven't started packing.....but anyways! :) ). After that comb, I'll wear my hair in flat twist outs again till the 1st of September then I might wear out styles again for a while then get mini twists done and in Jan, I'll switch over to my 1st weave in the past 5 years (my 2nd weave ever!) and have that in till whenever. I'm getting the Heat Free Hair (Movement) 'cause that looks more like my hair than any other weave and I want to embrace curls so I don't want a straight weave and I don't want something that looks so different from my hair.

Who's willing on going on this comb-free-ish journey with me?
I guess it's like a hair growth journey too, but anyways.
(Planning on BSL by the end of December or by early March).

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