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Mini Twists - Tips

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So, the other day, my mum came home from work and was like, "can you help me twist up my hair?" Being the lovely little teen I am, I said, "sure!" I climbed up on the back of the couch and mini twisted her hair.
My mum's an interior decorator/CSD/HRM. I'm letting you know that so you know that this style does work in a professional setting.

Things I used:

  • Water (in a spray bottle)
  • Coconut oil
  • Eco Styler Gel (Olive Oil)

Okay, so, firstly, I hate seeing scalp-y twists so I decided to avoid that and section out her hair diagonally (north-eastwards \ ). What that did was that it let the twist above it cover up the scalp area exposed from sectioning/parting the hair.

My mum's still transitioning so, one thing those transitioning should know is that your relaxed hair might (most likely will) unravel. Therefore, the smaller the twists, the better and a gel would be good as it will hold the twists in place once dry.

So, I parted my mum's hair across (-) starting from the back and held off the rest of her hair with metal-free ponytail holders then I got a section of hair from the part I got out using my diagonal method and held off the rest of the hair with an ouchless band. I sprayed her hair with some water then got some gel onto her hair (by just touching the surface of the gel with my index-finger tip) then I sealed with coconut oil. Don't do that. From the first twist, I noticed that that process made her hair way too slippery so it was hard to get a hold on her hair to twist it up. Here's what to do (what I did with the rest of the twists), part the hair diagonally, spray it with water then seal it with the coconut oil and work the gel in over it smoothing the hair out downwards then begin to to twist the hair and repeat this with the rest of the hair you sectioned out when you parted the hair diagonally. One you're done with the first row, part the hair across again (above the row you just finished making twists in) and repeat the above process, but please note that when parting the hair diagonally, the end off the part (the bottom of this stroke \) should be at the top-centre of the twist in the row done below. Repeat these processes with the rest of the hair.

Now, I don't really fancy mini twists at the front of the hair unless there are extensions in the hair. Why? I don't really know, I just do. Anyways, due to the shape of my mum's head, I also didn't fancy this, I guess because her edges are still rather thin and quite short (that's the only area her hair is short. It's like BSL and then a quarter of a toothpick length hair at the edges). Anyways, so, I flat twisted the front of het hair about the size of each section for a single twist.

After twisting up her hair, I redid the relaxed bits that came loose without adding product then I sprayed her entire head of hair lightly with water and raked my hands through her twists and ran my hands down her hair lightly with coconut oil. I did this because I remembered that my hair and her hair got rather dry the first time we used the Eco Styler Gel.

Anyways, so, by the next day (I got her hair done in the evening), her twists were nice and super soft and everyone liked it (well, apart from my brother, but he only said he didn't 'cause he knew that I was the one who did it.....siblings! never will understand them! haha :) ). Her hair was dry and the twists (well, apart from about 3 or 4) held pretty well even at the relaxed ends.

Hope this helps someone! :)

p.s What are your tips, tricks and methods for mini twisting fully natural/transitioning hair?

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