Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Moving Out and Heading Over to the U of the K


So, as some of you know, I've been living with my parents in Africa (while the rest of the fam is in England). Boohoo! Anyways, now that I'm done with high school and there really isn't much that has to do with education that I can be offered here right now, I'm moving to England.

Living in Africa had its benefits with the who natural hair thing. Y'all pay an arm and a leg for a little bottle of shea butter while my grandmother (my dad's mum), who lives here just goes over to a local market (which I do not know) and gets me some large supply of shea butter whenever I need it and it's cheap too! She has an aloe vera plant at her house too ( a massive one) and whenever I need some aloe vera gel or juice, I just go over to her house, ask her for some aloe leaves and I have a fresh supply of those for free! When I need eggs for a protein treatment, yes, I could go to a grocery store/supermarket, but my grandmother sells eggs too and I can get large ones from her and it's cheaper getting it from her than anywhere else that I know of. Yup! she's some super grandmother! I know! :) Where I used to live here (we moved to a neighbouring island), we had about 4 coconut trees and like oooooh.myyyy.goooosh that was some free coconut goodness for my hair!

You see, back in England, it's a whole different story. I have to search high and low or order shea butter or aloe vera gel before I can get my hands on them. However, with the coconuts, there is no downside 'cause the house I currently live in doesn't have a coconut tree so I pay for my coconut milk (and oil) and I'll continue doing that in England (only that I'll be paying less in England, which is good). On a positive note, I called my grandmother today and she's sending over some shea butter and buying some more for me enough for my to take along to England and have for a long time. With the aloe gel and juice. Yes, I like the freshness I get from my grandmother's plant, but I don't mind buying a bottle of aloe gel and juice 'cause the whole extraction process isn't exactly easy and aloe vera spoils easily especially when fresh and I can't bombard the fridge with hair products.

Another thing in England is that BritishCurlies is there. As most of you know, I order my products from BritishCurlies' Curly Emporium (online store). They're in England so, it'll be easier for my to get my hands on products when I need them. The weather too is a plus for me, since I went natural, each time I've been back to England, my hair has felt much better than it did here and I blame that on the weather and the pollution level.

Another thing is that I can get my hands on a wider variety of things in England like fresh lavender leaves and other things for DIY products and I can meet stylists who aren't out to give me some traction alopecia or rip my hair right out of my scalp. Matthew James, I'll meet you some day and you'll finally get your hands on my hair!

So, I'm getting my shopping list and cart ready so I get all that I need from here and from the CurlyEmporium ASAP.
All seems good right now :)

Let's see how well I handle things (especially paying for everything I need myself, 'cause that's what moving out comes with :) ).


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