Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Hair Ends....

Dear Hair Ends,

It's over. You have got to go.


I've noticed for some time now that my ends look snaggly and downright nasty (to me, no one's commented on the, so I don't know if they see it (they're just like, "I love you hair!")). My ends are a mess and I've been like, I'll start trying a twist 'n' curl or something to make them look a bit better, but nuh-uh, THEY.HAVE.GOT.TO.GO!

I style my hair sometimes and I am irritated by them. I guess it's from all the braiding and stuff that I used to do all the way down to my ends. Since I started African Threading my hair from the point where it lifts of the scalp when doing cornrows, it has looked a bit better and hasn't been getting as damaged as it used to seem. My ends are also sorta thinning out-ish (I don't know if I'm the only one that sees this). The braids down to the ends, whenever I took out my hair, I always lost a little at the ends no matter how gentle I was in taking down the braids. Also, combing to detangle caused a bit of this ends issue. Last week, I finger detangled and my hair looked and felt better. I did the detangling in sections. Actually, I took down the African threading and finger detangled that area then took down the cornrow and finger detangled one cornrow at a time. My hair looked and felt better and it was like she was literally thanking me. The weather too.... somedays it was hot and dry and...gaah! Nowadays, it's raining or drizzling everyday (moisture weather :) ) My hair seems to be doing better now that it's getting some daily moisturising.

I know I played a part in my ends ending up like this and dear ends, I am sorry for the part I played.

So, here's what I going to do.
Get some hair shears and snip off a bit of my ends now and before I get my crotchet braids done (after grad, most likely), I'll snip off some more. I'll continue finger detangling and African threading my hair from the point where it lifts of the scalp when I braid my hair in cornrows. Anything to have healthy and beautiful looking ends.

I'm sorry ends, but our time together is over.


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