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Awanda Perez is Naturally Glamorous

Awanda Perez of GoNaturalSpain

Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! I got to interview Awanda! When I got a reply from her about the interview, I was so happy. *happy dance.*
Here's the interview!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi ... Well, let's see what I can tell.
My sentence: "I'm a free spirit '

My best weapon: "Great Smile"
For many years I worked at Model. I'm from Madrid, but I was born in Santo
Domingo,  Dominican Republic. ( Central Caribbean)
I currently live in the north of Spain, in the city of A Coruña. Together
with my Love and project partner, Alvaro Lago. He is everything to me and
without him, none of this would be possible.
Before now, I had lived in London, NYC, Italy and France. And travelled through a
lot of cities in Europe for his job. I love traveling, dancing, reading. Spending time with my People!
And I've always been very restless!

Have you been natural all your life? If not, how long have you been natural and what made you decide to go natural?
No. My first smoothing treatment was put on me at the age of 14 years. Then for years I knew nothing of my natural hair. But when I lived in London, I grew out my natural hair, until I returned to Madrid and then went back to straightening.  For less than a year now, I have been natural and this time I'm staying natural forever. I love my curls!

What are your go-to products and hairstyles?
For my day to day use: Sulfate-Free Shampoo, moisturizing mask, olive
oil spray and to further define my curls, a curl cream.

What's your regimen like?
Very simple. Hydrate every three days, then wash & Go. This moistens my hair. I then put a cream and then a little oil. But my hair is free like me (ahhahaha) and changes depending on the day. So usually Just let it be free. For my hair colour, I use a natural colour in shampoo with mask mode to have that tone that I always carry.

How do people react when they see your hair? (including family)
It depends. In general joy, wonder and surprise. My family at first did not quite understand what I was doing. But little by little and now, it looks better. Overall, it looks great to everyone. I work in the finance department of a very important investment company and my hair is accepted with no problems there. So all is good!

Why did you decided to promote the natural hair movement in Spain?
We decided (Varu and I) to use GoNaturalSpain to promote the natural hair movement, because we
believe that many girls here in Spain do not step out with their natural hair out of fear and especially due to the lack of information. Many have not even thought about it. Before, we only had information on the issue nationally. All were English speaking pages UK or USA. So we thought if we offered that
information and help, the girls will decide to take the plunge. And so it was!
In addition, to me, I would have liked to have one page where there is support for NGs!

Tell us a bit about Go Natural Spain.
GNS is our way of seeing the world. We believe in freedom of expression, in love, and in the natural joy and that the troubles of every day melt away. We say, regain your spark! Live! And what better way than saying BE FREE! Free your soul. Let her fly and be YOUR real self. We know there is much to do, and not always everyone will understand our work. But every time we see more girls smile when they find our website, call us, write and congratulate our work in this area, this fills us with joy and satisfaction to keep going!
Before, they were alone, now if they want  have a family! A FamilyGO! In addition we are very fortunate to have the support of great people like Katiia Tejeda (Staff) Alberto Rodriguez (Our Photographer) among many others.

What can some of us naturals in other countries do to help Go Natural Spain (especially if we're visiting Spain)?
Mmm... I like that question. (Hahahaha) So easy. GNS can be promoted, with interviews like this. Help us get products for Afro hair care. Currently there are very few specific brands for the care of our hair, here in Spain. And we need products  and to let the media know we are here, we exist! We need sponsors, any brand of products that can open a market in Spain, will be welcome. We pay for everything out of pockets, but we know it will not be possible to continue this and still be working without  any financial help.
Samantha, so thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to express my ideas on your blog. I'm very flattered and I hope to meet you in person very soon!

Anything you'll like to tell the naturally curly people out there or those considering to go natural?
I will SAY: Go Natural Girl! Because Love is in the Hair! GO FREE! The real bellaza is taken inside and if you are free to be you, that is reflected on the outside! GO!!


You can find out more about Go Natural Spain and Awanda using the following links:

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