Monday, May 20, 2013

Road to Graduation Hair (and little (make that a huge) digression)


So, I'm still not sure what exactly I'm going to do with my hair for my graduation (first week in July). One thing for sure is that I'm stretching out my hair by African threading it for over a week before my graduation. After that, what's next? Dunno.

I'm considering getting pencil curls done (without heat of course) or a satin scarf braid-out or maybe a twist/braid and curl or a twist and bantu-knot out or a regular bantu knot out. Dunno.

I'm going to try them out.

I'll be through with my IGCSEs (exams) on the 12 of June. After that day, my protective styles will become african threading all over my head of hair. When I take them down (might be on a weekly basis, or every other week), I'll try out a style till I find one I think I'll like for grad.

Actually, two. I need one for prom too! I can't decide if I want some elegant or wild-ish for that, though. There's going to be a lot of dancing and that's like exercise, right? So, what do you think I should do? An updo? I think I have an idea for the prom hair, but I'll need to draw it out 'cause I can't really explain it right now and drawing it out is going to be art exam has put me off drawing.

I'm moving out this August, don't know if I told you guys that. I'm going to order products and stuff (running out), but styling is my issue. I don't want to manipulate my hair on a daily basis (that includes retwisting or pineappling) and I don't want to have my hair braided or twisted for 5 days of the week. I'm considering getting crotchet braids done during the fall then get a Heat-Free Hair Movement weave for the winter till sometime during spring (if I don't miss my hair too much, that is).

My aunt's going to have to be my stylist because I don't really trust stylists at the moment especially in certain parts of England. I might go to Matthew James sometime, not this year, or next, but someday, but that's a different thing entirely. My aunt, the problem is.....she pulls and yanks and makes people cry (including my almost 80 years old nana). My nana always has a weave on. She gets the weave redone every nine months (like she keeps it in for nine months, takes it down, washes and puts another in). She had about knee length hair that my nana cut to a bob, but has grown out to bra-strap length if not longer due to her absurd protective styling technique. I was over on the day she took her hair down last (in November) and I helped her take it down and detangle and she was so happy because for the first time in forever, she didn't end up crying because her hair was being detangled. I even styled her hair in a cute half bun :) Her lovely, luscious, white-ish silver hair. Anyways, you can see that an energetic almost 80yr old lady is scared of my aunt (my mum's bro's wife). Her own kids are scared of her and when our Polish friend wanted to get her hair styled like one of my cousins', my mum told her that she could ask my aunt to do it for her. To cut a long story short, I don't think she ever mentioned it to my aunt.
Major cringe, right? My aunt's gon' be styling my hair for me.
My mum has a sis with lovely curly hair (my mum's a curly, her sis is a curly, but with bigger curls and her brother's sort of a wavy-curly (and I don't think he owns a comb because his hair just seems to lie in place, neatly without anything being done to it). My aunt's 52 and a really busy (and very energetic lady). She's done her daughter's hair before (she's a curly too, but with tighter curls than her mum because, cut another long story short, my mum and her siblings all married blacks (don't ask)). I could see if on a day my aunt's free and I can get to her house, she can get my hair done for me, but I don't think she does weaves. Solution? Maybe. Possibility.

You know one person I want to touch my hair (even if not style it, just touch it)? She's in England too. Not sure what county or city, though. Can you guess who? I'll say it! NADINE! Nadine of GirlsLoveYourCurls (on YouTube). I would be so happy if she ever gets to simply just touch my hair!

Oh my, I digressed a whole lot here!
Anyways, I'll tell you what I decide on with my hair for my grad and prom.


p.s I have totally got to start making vids for when I start putting up pics of myself and I need to create another YouTube channel (well, I'll wait with that one till I do start uploading stuff).

p.s.s/p.p.s (whichever it is) I have a niece! She was born on the 19th of Feb and I'm like planning so much for her hair. My sis lives really far away, but I'll visit her sometime soon and we can talk and decide what we're going to do with Fay's (my niece's) hair. My sis has always had the longest hair in the family (well, since my dad forced her to end her clipper and scissors addiction). I'm sure Fay's going to have really long hair. Able (my nephew), had a lot of  lovely curly hair when he was just 4 months then he grew it out into like an afro before my sis cut most of it off (she said it looked bushy (to her, not to me or Able's nana (aka, my mum)). Anyways, my sis has relaxed her (but she ain't gon' put a relaxer on my niece's hair for as long as I'm natural (which is going to be for forever)). I'm going to let my sis know how to care for Fay's hair and she just might become my lil SammyWithTheBigHair model :) (that reminds me, her name is Fay Samantha (named after her lovely! :) ).
This is the longer p.s.s/p.p.s (whatever it is), right? I mean, I should get a Guinness World Record or some sort of award for this, right?

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