Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Guess What I Did Today?

I let my hair shrink last night by getting some water (mixed with my BeeMine Conditioner and Moisturiser) on it and detangling. I had like huge hair, but it looked relatively short, like compared to its actual length.
Anyways, so guess what I did today! Don't' worry, I'll tell you..... I LEFT MY HOUSE WITH SHRUNKEN HAIR! That is such a  big deal!
Like nowadays, it seems that most naturals want to stretch their hair out in some way be it a braid out, twist out, etc. I've been like that. I mean, when you're hair shrinks to like what? 78 and up percent of its actual length, won't you want to stretch it out a bit? So, for the first time in forever, I did it. I looked myself in the mirror and I was like, "girl, you can do it. Lightning's not going to strike you or something if you step out like this, but if it does, you'll be like the first natually curly/kinky person to be struck by lightning!" Okay! I did not say that. I just looked at myself in the mirror (lovin' the new shrunken length even though it's not back length yet (but at least, it's longer than before)) and I was like, "okay! don't mess around with it, just add something retro to it." I pulled out my much-loved retro scarf, rolled it up and got it round my head, I didn't like knot it, you know what is done when tying shoe laces before the whole "bunny ear" thing? That's all I did (and yes, I know it can come out pretty easily). Anyways, so I did that, pulled at the two ends, moved the part of the scarf at my edges back, pulled the ends of the scarf again and pushed the scarf at the frontal area down again till it was around the crown of my head then I brought the ends of the scarf to the side of my head (resting on my shoulders). I pretty much loved the style. There was like a near-storm today, like the rain was so heavy and I didn't really care about that because my hair had already fully shrunken and I was like, "baby ain't going nowhere! I ain't got no worries!" Okay! So, I did not say that, but I felt at ease because I didn't need to worry about my hair shrinking up, losing its style and the bunch of hoohaahs we worry about when we step out in stretched out hair, without an umbrella and it's pouring.
I feel like I've accomplished something so great! Gaah! *happy (but scary) dance*

I so can't wait for my hair to be like half-way to BSL (my current hair length when stretched straight (by hand)) when it shrinks fully. I'll be like walking around carrying some sign or wearing some T-shirt that says: This is shrunken hair. Get our your cameras and take some pictures! Okay! So, I won't do that, but anyways..... *Sammy grins like a Cheshire cat* :)


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