Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Naked Hair (G-rated)

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Okay! so, about 2 weeks ago, something (which I won't talk about now, maybe later) happened and well, I was emotionally unstable. The last thing on my mind was caring for my hair. I quit moisturising and other things I normally would do to my hair on a daily basis. I actually slept without my satin bonnet thingy on for some time. Actually, I couldn't really sleep, but I had my head on a cotton pillow overnight without a satin bonnet thingy on my head.

Anyways, when I started getting better, I resumed putting on my satin bonnet thingy as I finally could remember and think of putting it on before sleeping, but I still didn't moisturise or anything like that, they were the last things on my mind. However, I did think, "you're hair must be dry and totally messed up right now." So, I had my hair in braids and when I finally took them down, my hair felt.... I cleansed my scalp and air dried and my hair felt....should I tell you?...yes?....no?....yes?....we're talking about naked hair here....it..it felt....it feltttttttt.....GREAT! So soft, manageable, so good, and most definitely not dry, brittle and frizzy.

I'm not saying you should go sleep on a cotton pillow without a sating scarf, bonnet, or satin bonnet thingy, or you should neglect your hair. I'm just saying that my hair felt so AWESOME!!!!!
Till the day before yesterday, I was rocking naked hair and yesterday, I just got a tad bit (less than a 1p coin) of 100% natural/ unrefined shea butter on my end after getting my hair braided in cornrows.

Can't wait to take my braids down on Friday and rock my totally awesome curly many. Oh! and I've finally been able to achieve a bun/puff thingy and even a second-day hair bun/puff thingy (didn't take it down, just put on 2 satin bonnet thingies and slept like that). Someone saw my hair at my last concet (on Saturday 16d/06m/12y) and told her daughter, who's transitioning, "look at how nice her hair is, you should learn how to do that." I must say, I did get a 'big head' from that comment. hehe

Anways, incase you want to try what I normally do and see if you get great naked hair (if you haven't been able to yet, that is), I:

  1. SO do not use shampoo. In case you've never read any of my posts that mention that I'm CG, I'm CG :) and lovin' it!
  2. I use only homemade products, and I make ALL my hair products (some of my recipes are on here). Every ingredient I use is 100% natural.
  3. I noticed that bottled water makes my hair feel WAY better than tap does. So I rinse or moisturise with bottled water or I wash/rinse out with tap water (from the shower) then I do a final rinse with bottled water. It so makes a difference.
  4. I give things a break from time to time. Like I can quit using shea butter for some weeks then continue using it or I can quit using oils for some weeks then continue. I'm not very consistent esp. with my hair regimen. I tweak it every now and then, but as long as my regimen is still very similar, I don't alter it online.
  5. I deep condition my hair overnight on a weekly basis.
  6. I don't remember the last time I used heat on my hair (it should be about a year, or so now)
  7. I try not to touch my hair often, but honestly, my hand keeps going up in my hair often hehe
By the way, I still have relaxed ends (but I'm cutting them off just before I braid my hair with extensions which is in a couple of weeks).

Love you all,
Enjoy your naked hair!

p.s I used to have this image that hair that's not naked had clothes on. Hmm.....


  1. Hey Sammy. I got this great idea today ;o) I want to mention your blog on my channel. We have lots of girls your age wanting to go natural and having questions. You are very smart (game recognize game LOL). Your articles are packed full of information. Can you do some posts with your transitioning experience? Also, it's muy importante that you put some pics (even if it's just the back of your head). Let me know if you're interested in me sending some folks to your blog. IDK if it will work, because you see I'm still trying to flow some traffic to mine LOL But 80 members in a 10 month time is not bad I guess. Who even knows about this blogging thing. I just know it's a great outlet for tracking/trending data and clear your thoughts. TTYL --tia

  2. I'll see what I can do about the pics. Might just edit some and put a blue circle or something in front of my face (my dad doesn't want pics of me online, but I guess he'll be fine with it if I put a circle over my face). I'll type up a draft on my transitioning experience and go through my hair journey photos (and hopefully, I'll be able to find pictures from my first BC when I was little).
    Thanks :)

    1. Or the back or rear/side view of your head? Worth a try.

  3. I tried the tightly curly method but I notice a lot of naturals doing the curly girl method. they are similar minus the silicones in the shampoo.

    You have to post a pick of your braids! I'd love to see them.

    Oh and I got your note. I sent you an email back.

  4. I tried the tightly curly method till late last year. It was pretty good, but when I went off commercial products, I switched to the curly girl method. Plus, the curly girl method seemed like something that I would like to try and it made a lot of sense to me (the whole no-sulphates, no-parabens, no-silicons thing...).

    I just might....sometime.. not sure exactly when, though.

    Yeah, I just saw it! It went to my spam mail for some reason so I didn't know you had sent a reply. Anyways, I've replied to your email.