Friday, June 15, 2012

Concert Photo + Update

Sorry, no photos of me in this post.

ANYWAYS, I saw a picture of me taken by someone while I was performing at my last concert and I was like, "ohmydays, that puff is cute!" My puff was so perfect (well, really close to perfect). It was AMAZING!
So excited. Didn't know my puff looked that good and even the side bangs looked good too.!


1. I've tried out Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on my hair. I actually used it last week and it made my hair feel so soft and good. Unfortunately, the ACV smells. It has such a terrible smell. OH.MY.DAYS!

2. How many times have I said 'oh my days' now? If you're answer's 3 times, you are....SO WRONG! I've said it 4 times! (included the one in the question)

3. Jamming out to some Bollywood songs right now. I actually want to go dancing in India right now. hehe Baajo Baanta Baaraa

4. My ABRSM voice exam was quite scary before I walked in for the exam because it turned out my voice trainer had given me 1 song in list A, none in list B, and 2 in list C and I was supposed to have 1 in list A, 1 in list B and 1 in List C so, I had to start memorising a new song a few minutes before I walked in for the exam. Scary!

5. A fellow curly girl and I were talking about hair salons and getting our hair done at them. She mentioned something REALLY disgusting that the hair stylist was doing while working on her hair (I won't mention it on here. It's too disgusting). Then we were talking about what hair stylists say when they have to work with our hair and how they complain. The fellow curly girl said that a hairstylist in Nigeria asked her, "why are you keeping your hair natural, is it for juju?" By the way, juju's like possessed charms, black magic, all those basically, but African sorta usually conducted by people known as Baba Alaos which are also known as witch doctors, native doctors, etc. But can you believe what she was asked? Just because she decided to leave her hair natural? Nadie debe preguntar esa pregunta! *sigh* *shakes head*

6. I want to jam out to more Bollywood songs!

7. I should so start taking down my braids!

8. I'm performing at a recital concert tomorrow.

9. Might perform at a music contest thingy.

10. Watching CNN, wait!  nope! watching my laptop screen, but CNN's on. Practically downed a whole carton of OJ. Sammay loooves her O(h)J(aay) (OJ). Thinking of shooting an orange juice commercial.

Talk to y'all curlies later,
~Sammay! Woohoo!

(shaking my pompoms in the air like a cheerleader)

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