Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm Back


I'm back. Didn't tell y'all, but I was away at a sort of camp thingy for about 3 days. It was fun! We line danced for over an hour at night on Sunday (we did the ELECTRIC SLIDE! :) ).

So, so, let's talk hair!
I rocked my signature style - the puff - every day and oh my days, did I look good! :) I have to say, I did have a bit of an issue with:

  1. Shrinkage,
  2. Hand In Hair Syndrome (HIHS) <---- not my hand, and
  3. Tangles
Shrinkage: It rained during an activity and well, the boys didn't want to give me their shirts (said they were protecting their hair (stubble) and one wiped off some dirt of his hand on his shirt that had been hanging on his belt hole then was like, "oh, I'm using it") and the other girls (mainly the curly haired) had their scarves over their hair to keep the shrinkage to a minimum.

HIHS: Like I said, it was not my hand. People were like, "can I touch your hair?" or their hands just went straight into my hair which led to....

....Tangles: All the hair touching and pulling and shrinkage caused A WHOLE LOTTA TANGLES! Like I couldn't get my fingers through my hair easily (finger combing) or do anything with my hair.

What'd I take with me:
  1. A shower comb,
  2. An afro pick,
  3. A slack head band (for the puff)
  4. 2 gorgeous looking head bands (I have on in right now) to hold down the front (actually, to spice things up a bit!) <----- ended up not using them
  5. A claw clip (which I also didn't use), and
  6. Ouchless Hairbands. (I don't remember using these either)

So, during my first night there, a friend helped me braid up my hair at night to stretch it out a bit. During my second night, my hair had shrunk so bad 'cause it had rained and you know the story, anyways, so that and the hair touching gave me terribly shrunken and tangled hair. All the girls in my room were scared to touch my hair apart from one who's got lovely kinky hair. She sat me down on the floor by her bed and helped detangle my hair and braid it up before I got some sleep. By the next morning, I got some help taking out the braids 'cause we had to be out before 7am. So, when I combed my hair out into an afro and held it up, it was big and curly and gorgeous. People stared at my hair, some were like, "is that actually your hair?" and I was like, "noooooooo," (heavy sarcasm there). People touched my hair, my room mates said that my hair was alive and well, some said the annoying bit, "you've got the second longest hair  here apart from Enem (the kinky haired girl) and we didn't even know that till your hair was pulled. You should TOTALLY get your hair (......wait for it......) relaxed. It'll look so nice!" Oh my days! Anyways, pushing that aside, people L.O.V.E.D my hair! Yesterday, Wendii was like, "I love you hair! I want you hair! and I am going to get your hair!" and then her hands went in my hair! Someone was like, "you should be scared" when they heard that Wendii said she was going to get my hair.
I totally felt like some sort of celebrity. :)

So, yesterday night, I slept with my hair wrapped up in a satin scarf, I was way too tired that I couldn't be bothered with detangling and stretching over night (rained yesterday....). So, today, I mixed up some conditioner (Tresemme Naturals), bottled water and some oils (real lil) and worked the mix into sections of my hair (totally dissolved those tangles. From the comb practically breaking to get through my hair, it just slid through. Then I braided and twisted my hair till I had to head out (didn't wash out the condish I should add). My hair wasn't thoroughly dry, but it was okay when I took down the braids and twists. I got some coconut oil onto my hair, combed it out into an afro then held it up in my signature style before heading out. My hair feels so moisturised!

I love my hair! I love my hair! And Wendii wants my hair! haha :)
I'm glad I'm not getting so many hands in my hair now that I'm home, but I sorta miss all the attention (if you know what I mean). I was like the girl with the gorgeous hair back there and now, at home, my parents don't give a care about my hair!

Anyways, the whole camping thing was fun!
A couple of featured posts coming up in a bit,
(I should totally change the name of this blog to that!)


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